This Royal Oak teacher gave a fake spelling test to his students for April Fools' Day and it's hilarious

Can someone give this guy a "Teacher of the Year Award" please?

Michigan teacher "Joey Dee" posted a video on his Facebook page yesterday of himself giving the correct answers to what seems to be an impossibly hard spelling bee test. The result is an insanely popular video that has been shared over 130K times and growing.

The video is hilarious in so many ways. The words alone that Mr. D gives his students are enough to make you chuckle. He had his students spell out "blorskee" "tangeteen," and my personal favorite, "gürrr." And of course, the words used in an actual sentence are gold, too.

Even the students' reactions when they get a word wrong is enough to have you giggling. Once Mr. D adds in some "silent letters" that really confuses the kids.

The payoff at the end once the teacher announces that the test was an April Fools Day joke is so, so great. Can every teacher do this with their students, please?
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