This Pure Michigan Pokémon GO spoof has zero chill

Aug 9, 2016 at 11:18 am

We are in the throes of Pokémania people, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The augmented reality game was the fastest game to top the App Store and Google Play, and according to reports, has been downloaded over 100 million times.   

For some, Pokémon GO is a new frontier of game playing, a way to connect two separate worlds and discover newfound connections to places and other people.

But for others, Pokémon GO is simply THE WORST. 

Sure, the game has some warranted critiques ranging from its data mining to reports that the geo-location settings favor white neighborhoods, though jabs that its players are unemployed, phone-addicted imbeciles seems a little unwarranted.  

Recently, Youtube user and apparent Pokémon GO hater John Kerfoot put together a short video highlighting the ills of Pokémon GO and set it to the backdrop of a Pure Michigan commercial.

Doing his best Tim Allen impression, the narrator describes Pokémon GO players as losers who have never left their parents' basement, going so far as to call them "the scariest creatures roaming the earth." 

Watch the whole vid for yourself, which inexplicably ends with a graphic description of a rape scenario.

Geez, dude. Who hurt you?