This Macomb resident's bird photos are going viral for a very good reason

click to enlarge A cardinal in Lisa's backyard. - Photo by Lisa M. Ca.
Photo by Lisa M. Ca.
A cardinal in Lisa's backyard.

We see (and hear) Michigan birds all the time flying though our backyards, but we bet you've never seen them up close and personal like this before.

After Lisa M. Ca moved from Germany to Macomb County to be with her husband, she noticed that the weather and seasons in Germany and Michigan are pretty similar, but the birds are a little different. She told MT over an email that over the summer she began feeding these birds and she began to photograph them.

"I wanted to get a little closer and started researching what cameras are out there as a little addition to my DSLR. This is how I found the Bird Photo Booth."

The bird photo booth takes super close photos of the birds while they are drinking and hanging out at the bird bath.

The photos that Lisa got were insanely gorgeous so she decided to post them on Facebook. Turns out, the Internet went wild for the photos once she put the album on public view and has received over 30 thousand shares.

Lisa has since started her own blog to share her gorgeous photos with the world. She told us that, "the birds are like little jewels from nature. They make my day."

You can see a full gallery of Lisa's photography here.

click to enlarge A bluejay. - photo by Lisa M. Ca.
photo by Lisa M. Ca.
A bluejay.

click to enlarge A chickadee. - Photo by Lisa M. Ca
Photo by Lisa M. Ca
A chickadee.

click to enlarge A Mourning Dove. - Photo by Lisa M. Ca.
Photo by Lisa M. Ca.
A Mourning Dove.

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