This Bruce Lee statue can be yours for a cool $500

Aug 20, 2014 at 1:00 am

We challenged Vault of Midnight employee Marcus Schwimmer to take us to the store's nerdiest "total boner-killer for the ladies" — not the most accurate request, perhaps, given that he tells us female comic book readership has spiked in recent years. Nevertheless, he swiftly directs us to a glass case that houses treasures such as a detailed miniature of the Game of Thrones throne, a full-size replica of the Green Lantern's lantern, and this fully poseable Bruce Lee statue. You can move him in just about any position you can imagine, and we spend a few minutes trying to create our most fearsome kung fu action pose. The level of detail here is insane — even his eyeballs move. This particular statue is a tribute to the film Chinese Connection, and comes with different swappable heads with different facial expressions, different pairs of hands, and two sets of clothes: a dojo outfit and white suit. At $500, this ain't no doll — this is a high-end collectible.