The Wash

Nov 21, 2001 at 12:00 am

Snoop Dogg (Bones) and Dr. Dre (Training Day) just keepin’ it real representin’ the hood Cali-style in The Wash . Welcome back to the ghetto of L.A., y’all. Y’all mighta peeped it this summer in Training Day and Baby Boy. Yeah, niggas still pullin’ straps and bustin’ caps, but this ain’t the same kinda party: This a straight-up comedy, dog. And the only thing Snoop and Dre’s shootin’ off is their mouths, know what I’m sayin’? If you don’t, then don’t even be peepin’ this flick.

Let me break this shit down in a manner y’all can all understand. Dre’s a brotha named Sean. He just got laid off from his last gig, his car got booted and he owes his dog Dee Loc (Snoop Dogg) half of the rent. Dee Loc hooks him up with an assistant-manager gig at his place of employment, Mr. Washington’s (George Wallace) car wash.

The wash is off the hook. C-Money (Lamont Bentley) takes his tips from the customers’ rides. Bear’s (Tom “Tiny” Lister Jr.) just trying to stay clear of his parole officer, and Antoinette (Angell Conwell) is scheming how to play some fool for his cheddar (that’s cash money, if y’all don’t know) when she ain’t ringing the register.

The shit gets foolish when Mr. Washington fires some crazy-ass white boy and some dumb-ass hoodrats try to set off a kidnapping. But don’t worry. Sean and Dee Loc got this.

If you know the hood, The Wash’ll get a laugh or two. You’ll know the hotties eating their fried chicken with hot sauce, the “suit and tie-wearin’ niggas,” and fools on the street hustling and dealing. This is a flick made by and for the 40-and-a-blunt crew. If that ain’t your thing, you probably won’t understand — or want to. But check this out: If you want a fair-to-middling slice of ghetto life on a comedy tip, it all comes out in The Wash.

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