The Coen Brothers go eclectic with new trailer

Jan 25, 2013 at 12:21 am
If the devoted film geek in your life has a fresh bounce in his or her step lately, it probably has something to do with the release of the first trailer for the Coen Brothers latest effort, "Inside Llewyn Davis". Starring Oscar Issac (Drive) as the title's struggling folky, battling his way through the heady wilds of the early 60's Greenwich underground scene. Carey Mulligan (Shame) sports a mousy black wig and an acid tongue, as the Joan Baez tinted ex-girlfriend, while Justin Timberlake looks natty rocking a beard and v-neck sweater. The always enjoyable F. Murray Abraham is on board as a disapproving club owner, as well as a delightfully sleazy looking  John Goodman, who's long overdue return to the Coen's tent is enough for cinestes to cream their jeans over.

While the wintry New York settings and the soundtrack tune scream protest era "Dylan" there are also evident nods to Dave Van Ronk, Richard Farina, Phil Ochs and probably a half dozen other forgotten acoustic heroes. It all looks so, heavy, ya know man?The film hasn't yet found a distributor, but it's the Coen's for pity's sake. You know you want to see it.!