The Belle Isle Aquarium needs your help post-flood

Aug 22, 2016 at 10:18 am
The Belle Isle Aquarium turned 112 this month. - Wikipedia
The Belle Isle Aquarium turned 112 this month.
Last Tuesday Belle Isle Aquarium staff and volunteers were taking part in a "clean up" effort when they discovered, much to their horror, a significant amount of water — and water damage — within the aquarium's majestic stone walls. 

"Water entered the front koi pond door, came in through the walls on one side, and up the sewer drains in the old bathroom and boiler room," a flood relief donation form explains.

While the team is bringing in a flood recovery team to help lower the humidity levels, dry out damaged areas, vent, bleach and treat affected areas, and clean out the basement (where water levels reached 2 feet from the ground) — they also worked around the clock to make sure the visitor sections could still be made ready to the public.

That means that while work still remains, YOU (the visitor) did not need to take a break from fish gawking. 

This also means the aquarium needs money. Paying for all of this unexpected damage is a bitch, and the aquarium, whose 112th birthday was a mere two days after the water damage was discovered, has created a donation page to help remedy this. 

Check it out here and consider donating to restore this gem on a gem*.

*Get it? The aquarium (a gem) is on Belle Isle (also a gem).