Talking trash

Jason Polan, the 22-year-old University of Michigan graduate known for an art show in a portable potty last year in Ann Arbor, is getting dirty again and inviting us to dig in. The artist, who commutes between New York and Detroit, recently spent a few days in our city picking up 1,000 pieces of trash, tossing most of the rank stuff, and drawing and painting on the remaining 100 items, including old lottery tickets, newspaper, food wrappers, used ticket stubs, receipts, flyers, business cards and cardboard scraps. Then he sent out an e-mail instructing friends that limited edition garbage is up for grabs — anyone can own one of his artworks, as long as they throw out a piece of trash. So far, he has given away art in Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, all over the East Coast and in Europe. Check out for more info on all of his ongoing projects.

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