Summer Guide 2010

Jun 16, 2010 at 12:00 am

Summer is here and so are we. We'll get out of town for a while, if we're lucky. But the bottom line is that most of us will be mostly here. And what better time than these long days to reflect on what here means, what here offers? What's here that we might see anew? 

With that in mind, we put out the challenge to our staff and contributors and interns. As we have for many summers in 30 years of MT, we set about to collect and collate an extensive list of events of interest. Check our list here — or search our larger database here at We've got the info, from who's at what big venues when (Comeria has the Warped Tour on July 30, Chene Park has Erykah Badu on Aug. 12) ... to decidedly smaller venues (Dennis "Scorpio" Coffey is at Northern Lights Lounge on Wednesdays, Negative Approach at St. Andrew's Hall on July 31) ... to the garden walk in Milford (June 19) and Barney at Royal Oak Farmers' Market (June 24). 

But we also set about mapping out some themed mini-tours for history buffs and cyclists, for beer lovers and thrift shoppers, for music lovers and lovers of polyglot public art — from graffiti to such art world stars as Mark di Suvero. Detroitblogger John weighs in with suggested stops from his unbeaten path. 

Now that we've shared our thoughts for touring at home, we're curious to hear yours. Send your tips for a hot time summering at home to [email protected] and we'll share them with your fellow readers as well. —W. Kim Heron, editor

Day Tripper by Brian Smith
A one-day guide to jump-start a musical jonesin'

Tattered elegance by Norene Smith
Sweet vintage shopping on $20 and a half-tank of gas

Life without cars by Sandra Svoboda
Or a cyclist's serious summer leisure rides

Pointing to freedom by W. Kim Heron
African-American history by foot and by car

Sweat & struggle by Michael Jackman
A quick tour of Detroit labor and industry history

The roads less traveled by Detroitblogger John
Off-the-path spots that you won’t find in any Motor City guidebook

Tour d'art publique by Travis R. Wright
Burb sculpture, Gen-X hieroglyphs, subversive signage and a trippy trip down Trumbull

Beer geek summer by Michael Jackman
The five types of beer geeks and where to please 'em

Countdown to fun by Metro Times staff
A fast look at upcoming summer blasts