Street Life

Jun 9, 1999 at 12:00 am

In this special issue, Metro Times writers pound the pavement. We're taking it to the streets with stories that travel from inner city to outer suburb, from uptown to downtown and everywhere in between. We talk to the people who live, work and play on the streets, and examine the role streets themselves play in our everyday lives. It's a street-level glimpse of our wide region, and we hope you'll enjoy it...

Bang, clap, beep
by Ann Mullen
A quick trip for a cup of coffee sounds better in the city.

City of night
by George Tysh
A "Big Heat" love affair with the metro streets.

Concrete rules
by Larry Gabriel
On the street, the game goes on – at least until it's too dark to see.

Fun under the sky
by Larry Gabriel
Street fairs are a people-watcher's paradise.

Growing community
by Alisa Gordaneer
Street-level gardeners make the metro area a more beautiful place.

Outside insiders
by Jennifer Bagwell
Why hundreds of homeless call downtown Pontiac home.

Painted places
by Yu-Ru Lee
Take another look at Detroit's street-side art.

Tough road out
by Ann Mullen
Where the young, innocent and addicted are eaten alive.

Walk and whiz
by Curt Guyette
When top dogs stroll, the rest just bark.