Stephen Colbert dragged Kid Rock through the coals during hilarious segment

In case you've been trying to block any Kid Rock-related news from your eyes (we don't blame you, honestly) he has launched his very own "American Badass" grill and is being floated to run for Sen. Debbie Stabenow's seat in 2018. So yeah, we're just as confused as you are.

Of course, Kid Rock's grill and political ambitions are the perfect combination for satire, and that did not stop Stephen Colbert from poking fun at good old Bob Ritchie Wednesday night on The Late Show.

Colbert stays true to his roots and goes absolutely in on Kid Rock, calling him one of "America's best singer/songyellers" and making fun of his special effects when he "blows up" other grills from China.

Colbert didn't stop there, though. He invited a special guest on to the show who goes by the name of "Shriekin' Joe" who is a combo of Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and just a dash of Uncle Kracker to be safe.

Shriekin' Joe plans on running against Kid Rock while wearing a shirt that says "Kiss My Lower Peninsula." Shrieken Joe just wants to "Make Michigan Sticky Again," which is equal parts disgusting and intriguing.

You can watch the entire clip above.
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