Some Detroit-themed gift ideas that aren't totally played out

Dec 13, 2017 at 1:35 pm
For years Detroit has been a place that gets fetishized. First it was for ruin porn — now it's for its comeback story.

But, locals know that every day can be a challenge for both residents and business owners in the city — which makes supporting both groups so important.

Bethany Shorb opened Well Done Goods — a brick-and-mortar sister to Cyberoptix TieLab — last year and we wrote about her then-fledgling store for our 2016 gift guide.

Shorb's been busy in the last year, adding more and more quirky products to her stock. She's got an eye for fun goods that haven't been totally played out, so we tapped her for some uncommon Detroit-themed gift ideas. All of them are available in her store located at 1440 Gratiot Ave., Detroit or on her website,

Check out her top picks for Detroit-themed gift ideas here.