Shoppin' options

Gazing bleary-eyed at the TV screen in the wee hours of the morning can leave even the most savvy consumer vulnerable to an impulse buy. Maybe that’s part of the reason those nutty infomercials rule the airwaves after midnight. Nothing can take away the temptation to pull out a credit card and dial 1-800-WONDERBODY for the latest exercise gadget that will change our lives forever, but at least one Web site and a brick-and-mortar retail store take away the urge to "buy now." The As Seen On TV store and offer scads of kitchen gadgets, exercise and diet products, hair removers, miracle cleaning solvents, slicers, dicers and, yes, even the old Ginsu knives. The Web site offers substantial discounts on all those infomercial specials, as well as a fast, convenient selection, making "act now" a thing of the past.

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