Responsive lovers

1. What’s love got to do with it?

Love has nothing to do with it, other than telling your partner that you love what he or she is doing right now! … Nothing at all — love does not exist. It is a fantasy that we tell children, to sell big fluffy gowns and overpriced cake. … Love is great, but sex is something completely different.

2. How much of your identity is wrapped up in sex? Is it OK not to be sexual in our society?

It’s OK not to be sexual in our society — but that doesn’t work for everyone especially not me. … A lot. Sex is a very important part of my life. Yes it’s OK, but please don’t preach to me about it. … 20 percent of my identity. I think it is OK to not be sexual


3. What are you most afraid that a partner might think about you?

That she has to have it more than four times a day … That I’m too sexually adventurous. … That I’m too wild to be considered "normal". I still don’t think men are truly OK with a woman they respect having too much fun in the sack.

4. How do you protect yourself and/or your partners against STDs? How do you broach the subject? Do you get tested?

Monogamy. Yes, I have been checked. … Say it with me Condom! I’m a woman, so no condom, no nookie. … I always ask if my partner is clean and I use condoms.

5. OK, truthfully, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done sexually? What won’t you do again?

Drilled by a strap-on from my girl while getting blown by a stranger we just met. (I’d do that again) … Male to male oral in front of my wife. … Having sex in a car and getting caught by the police. I won’t ever have a one-night stand again.

6. Define cheating. Have you ever?

Fucking someone outside a monogamous relationship, yes. … Cheating is anything physically sexual with another person. Tell Hilary that her hubby did cheat on her, no matter how she wants to slice it. … Having a long-term relationship and then stepping out with someone else without the significant partner knowing about it: That’s cheating.

7. How has porn affected you? Has it affected the way you look at the world?

It showed me things I didn’t know were possible … I squint now … love porn. It really has taught me a lot about sex. I also find it to be stimulating. I do think it makes me think that women love sex. … I love gay porn, it’s the best thing about the Internet because it’s so readily available.

8. Do you consider yourself a good lover? Why? Why not?

I am blessed to be a good lover. They always come back. … Definitely! I give the best blow jobs and can deep throat really big cocks, which my partners just love. … Yes I am — I take time to please; emotionally, mentally and physically — even if it is just for a one-nighter … I love to give women pleasure.

9. Do you have something sexual you’d like to say/confess/get off your chest to a past or present lover?

I don’t always think about you when we’re having sex. … I would like my significant other to be more eager to step out of his comfort zone. … Yes … The girls come, and then they come back.

10. What do you know now that you wish you’d known earlier?

Swallow! … There are more women out there looking for just sex than you think. … That I didn’t need to sleep with so many people to find my self-worth. …

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