Reports from Sindbads, Zumiez Best Foot Forward, and more

The word on the streets

It wasn't a happenin' time inside the WDIV green room on Election Day last week when DDAYS spent a solid 20 minutes alone with outgoing Wayne County Executive Robert "Bob" Ficano and one of his staffers. Really, it wasn't. By some twisted fate even DDAYS has a hard time understanding, we managed to land a spot on the green room's couch with Ficano, hours before he would lose his re-election bid — like, really lose. The guy has been in office for 12 years, and he finished fifth. Oh, well. Hopefully Bobbo enjoyed our small talk about the Detroit Tigers. We're sure it had to be one of the lighter moments of a low, low day.

Bells Will Be Ringing

DDAYS headed to our favorite Downriver dive last Friday night both to congratulate our friends Matt Marshement and Tiffany Baker on their recent engagement and to enjoy a free show by the Bill Bondsmen, Cinecyde, and Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment. While cheers-ing the newly betrothed, we also ran into the lovely Tricia Kerns, who was contemplating the purchase of a mermaid tail while sipping her rum and Coke and her beau, Nate Redmer, was celebrating a new gig at Public House. Blessings to all!

Pseudo Rebellion as Brought to You By Converse

On Saturday, DDAYS checked out the Zumiez Best Foot Forward national skateboarding championships held at the old Michigan Theatre building, where the 37 best amateurs competed in a display of athleticism, sportsmanship, glory — and the chance to land a gnarly corporate sponsorship deal. The palatial theater-turned-parking garage made for a surreal venue, made a bit more bizarre thanks to a colorful hovering drone, buzzing around and taking footage of the whole thing.

Though Michigan's own Dustin Blauvelt fared well in the competition, top honors eventually went to Brandon Villanueva, of Poway, Calif.; Tyson Bowerbank, of Salt Lake City, Utah; and Jamie Foy of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. After the competition, the crowd was corralled downstairs to catch sets by punk rockers Trash Talk and Death. During Trash Talk's raucous set, a mischievous band member successfully disabled the hovering drone by throwing a bottle at it, prompting the crowd to start chanting "stop the Feds!" — even though it was obviously a civilian drone. This act of pseudo-rebellion was brought to you by Zumiez and Converse. 

We Took a Vacation at Riverside Groove — in our own Backyard

It was the perfect day. The sun was shining, the Detroit River was glistening, the boats were docked at the marina, and we were partying all day and night to the beats at Riverside Groove. A Dirty 313tronic production, the second annual 15-hour event held at Sindbads represented what our lovely city of Detroit stands for: dance music (the D is totally for dance; we're sure of it). Featuring local favorites such as Ataxia, Golf Clap, Keith Kemp, Jay Biggs, DJ Psycho, Mr. Joshooa, Him & Her, and many more, Riverside Groove managed to scoop up copious amounts of Detroit talent and place them all on the water for a dance getaway. It was like we were on vacation or something — but in our own backyard. There were even shopping booths! Closing out the night were Sishi Rosch, Slow Hands (who strummed away on guitar while DJing), No Regular Play (who did not play guitar but did play trumpet), and Dirtybird's Shiba San.

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