A new FPS from id Tech that provides you with an arsenal to destroy every baddy that gets in your way


id Tech

Windows, PS3, Xbox 360

The team over at id Tech — the same one that changed the world with the still-beloved classic Doom franchise — sure hooked us up with a new thriller. In this rather violent FPS, you play the tough rogue hero, who also happens to be a friendly teddy bear type. You'll find yourself running around town for dumbasses and such, but never fear: It always leads into some high-quality action. With mechanics similar to Bioshock, you can kill folks, raid the bodies and equip different weapons.

There are a few cool aspects, the foremost of which is the "revive yourself" thing. If you should happen to die in combat, you're given a defibrillator, which can be used but then must be re-charged (and re-used) by waiting for a certain amount of seconds. Basically it's a brief puzzle sequence in which the better you time your actions, the better your revival is. In a nutshell, the better your reflexes are, the more life you start with in battle.

There are lots of other little tidbits and goodies too, such as the auto sentry that's deployed when you need extra fire, boomerangs and such that slice your enemies to oblivion, and an arsenal of good ol'-fashioned weaponry to screw up the first baddy who approaches you.

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