Poster Artist: Tim Lampinen

Tim Lampinen, you can call me Timmy
Musician who's been in Kosby Kids, the Epileptix, Clone Defects, Human Eye and Reptile Forcefield

Why did you start making fliers or posters? I like making art that I know will be seen by a lot of people! So fliers and posters ended up being perfect I guess. Twenty to 50 people?

Depending on how much bread I have to throw around at Kinko's.

Can you remember the first flier or poster you made?

Hmmm. Well that was back in 1993 with my first sorta real band the Kosby Kids. I still have it, unfortunately — hahaha! Drawing of a punk shootin' himself in the head with a list of bands playing a VFW hall in Livonia. I still have most of the fliers and posters I've done over the last 15 years! Damn time flies! I think Hamtramck might be built over a vortex!

Do you consider this an art form?

Yeah, I think it's an art form — of course!

What's your signature?

Well, definitely inspired from late '70s, early '80s punk fliers and “old Fillmore,” Grande Ballroom psychedelic posters. But I like spray painting, splatter paint, collage, psych, colorful, cut-and-paste, no computer design, something that'll catch your eye when you walk by it. Make people wanna go to the show just because of the poster!

Who's your hero, in real life or fiction?

I like animals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, aliens, spores, molds and fungus. Slime is pretty cool. Friends help a lot! “Check out this poster I made dude!”
“Whoa that's awesome man!”

So that keeps me afloat. They got somethin' to hang in their record room!

If you could create the flier for any band or gig in history, what would you choose?

A late '70s punk gig in Detroit with Cynicide, Ramrods, Cult Heroes and Capital Punishment or somethin'! Or some crazy German rock fest circa 1971 or '72.

What trait do you hate in others?

Well, I wouldn't say hate 'cause I try not interacting with people with traits that I hate. There's things that annoys me in some people. I don't like when people want to control each other. Like girlfriends and boyfriends telling each other what they should and shouldn't do! To the point of “P-whipism!” (“pussy- or penis-whipped”) I love a good sense of humor.

Where do you feel most at home?

Myspace. Just kidding. Um … eating a huge burrito at “Las Casuelas grill.” Friggin' enormously amazing! Their salsa rules. Or making my own burritos for friends.

What's Detroit's most amazing spot for inspiration?

I like Hamtramck. It's the punkest place to live — cheap rent, walking distance to cheap grocery markets, bars all over, plenty of places to buy beer! Home of the best dollar store! Oh, yeah — no noise ordinance.

What do you waste money on?

Beer, records, going out to eat. Making color posters!

Gotten any good news lately?

Yeah! Brazil has over 68 undiscovered native tribes across their forests, 24 are confirmed. They photographed one tribe with their bows pointed at the helicopter.

Who do you think you are?

I think I wanna be painted orange and jump over fires with natives in a tribe in Brazil. Sounds like freedom, baby!

What do you think you're doing?

I sorta know, I keep learning. Just want to have fun, be happy, laugh and just love. You know, almost like hippie shit, but cooler.

Who do you think you're talking to?

To you and the people, about me and my creations. I think?

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