"Go Deep" Closing Party This Saturday

Yep, you read it right. Just one short month after afterhours club Better Days reopened in Woodward Village and Saturday night’s outstanding beatdown house sweatfest "Go Deep" party resumed, promoter Korie Enyard is taking the party elsewhere. While insiders say lack of focus on the part of Better Days’ owners and the past problems with licensing and permits that occasioned last month’s shut down are partially to blame, Enyard insists it is just "time to move and get around to opening my own place." To her credit, Enyard provided the city’s one true bastion for Detroit-bred beatdown house music with such world-renowned DJs as Patrick Scott Grooves, Mike Clark, Norm Talley and Kenny "Moodymann" Dixon Jr. serving as resident DJs in the club’s brief but impactful eight-month tenure. Even techno militant Mike Banks warmed up to the club, proclaiming it to "have that feeling like the old days" when techno arose out of the fertile and locally-supported house scene a decade ago.

Enyard announced that the "Go Deep" closing night party will take place this Saturday, with DJ sets by Mike Clark, Norm Talley, Moodymann, and Enyard herself. "We’re just gonna do a free-for-all for the last party," she said. Meanwhile Enyard, who is now managing Dixon’s career, is eyeing a top-secret new club further downtown for her own night set to open as early as next month. Stay tuned, and long live the house nation! More "Go Deep" closing night info: 313-506-4506.

Just Beat It: Godfather On Pornstar Comp

It may have been a last-second addition, but it couldn’t have made more sense. Seems Seattle-based Hard Corps Recordings were readying their pornstars-on-wax collection, Deep Porn, featuring the likes of Kid Rock, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs and junglist AK 1200 making tracks using commissioned in-the-studio "performances" by such leading ladies of adult cinema as Midori and Jeanna Fine. (This comp’s not to be confused with last spring’s abysmal Porn To Rock collection, which featured porn stars whose talents were clearly limited to cooing, trying to write, produce and "sing" their own music, Deep Porn mercifully limits the ladies’ presences to vocal samples.)

Anyhoo, with the comp about done, Hard Corp executive producers had an 11th-hour idea to try to get a Detroit ghetto-tech booty track on their record, and so contacted DJ Godfather. Godfather, no stranger to porn sampling himself — as heard on his "Player Haters In Dis House" disc — whipped out a track, "Bras and Drawers," in a few days, with Goon Squad rapper Coon Daddy contributing vocals. "I hardly used the porno samples at all," Godfather explained, "because they just weren’t that good. I coulda had my girlfriend do better than that."

Nonetheless, when Hard Crops asked that more of the moaning and cooing they spent their hard-earned money on be used, Godfather relented, but not before doing four booty-centric versions of "Bras and Drawers." Coming to a weekend mix show near you soon, and on the Deep Porn compilation this fall.

Ain’T No Party Like A Detroit Party

One promising Detroit party has been postponed, but not by police intervention, funny money business or flaky bookings. Instead, this party was put off the old-fashioned way: loss of investors. Seems party promoters these days have to assemble their own afterhours rave-a-paloozas from scratch, first securing a venue, then hiring their own sound companies, lighting crews, security team, lawyers and promotions people, as well as securing DJs via contracts and often-copious deposits. Sept. 25th’s "Garden of Eden," featuring house maestro Derrick Carter, U.K. hard house legend DJ Huggy, Detroit electro kings Aux 88, Felix Da Housecat and NY breakbeat king Omar Santana, is on hold pending a search for new sponsors. The promoter is longtime Detroit-scene member formerly of the audiomind collective. Inquiries for investors in "Garden Of Eden" can be sent c/o [email protected]. Meanwhile, on a brighter note, BTM Productions is throwing "Picasso," featuring human beatbox extraordinaire Rahzel July 24 with advance tickets only at the usual baggy-pants’d outlets. More on that, as well as a live review of Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra live in Central Park, next week in Pitch’D.

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