PINK's new collegiate line reminds women that school is important, but looking cute is more important

Aug 9, 2016 at 11:21 am

Victoria's Secret PINK just came out with their new collegiate line that has everything a girl could ever want. From sweaters and backpacks to phrases and reminders that women have to be feminine 110% of the time, along with the affirmation that there is no escape from being a sexual object. 

The t-shirts have witty phrases on them like 'Will this be on the test?' because nothing says you're an intelligent woman attending a university more than a pastel colored tee that suggests you're only minimally invested in your education. 

Another golden phrase from the line, 'Messy bun and getting stuff done,' - in my opinion, being a woman going to college and all - sums up women in college perfectly.

There's that implication of a care-free attitude because messy buns aren't cute, they symbolize that women are finally not caring about their appearance, but here's where it gets confusing; the messy bun has to be mentioned first, because women can't get stuff done unless they take time to look OK, get it?

So, even when women don't care about their outward appearances, they still do, it's just the way the world works, right?

Oh, and the best part is they have sports attire made just for women, so you can support Michigan in shirts that hug your boobs so tight you might faint from not breathing correctly.

But, they have the loose t-shirts too in case you're one of those risky girls who isn't afraid to look 'bummy,' and don't worry, those shirts are consumed in glitter so no one can mistake you for the average sport-loving boy. 

The backpacks, planners, and other study accessories are, of course, covered with more glitter, polka dots, and colored in bright pinks and blues because everyone needs to know that you are a cute girl studying for that exam. 

Honestly, I don't know how PINK hit the nail on the head so hard. They have got women furthering their education down pat, because even though we do want to learn, we want to look good learning even more, amiright ladies? 

Just kidding.