Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger - Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger

It makes sense that Paper Tiger is made up of one part visual artist and one part sound engineer. This punk duo knows full well the elements necessary to craft the perfect pop confection. But they shun the rules, just like many of our distortion heavy heroes of recent past.

Tearing down song structure till the Fiberglas and fried wires poke out, Maureen Maki and Neil Yee mess with our senses, offering at times drum melodies and percussive guitar, other times sing-song vocals followed by guttural roars. Their half-amusing, half-frightening live performances will be missed with Maki's move West, but before she left, her and Yee threw some raw meat in the cage with Paper Tiger's debut CD, Hoopla, a fine collection of unpredictable pop and artsy-without-meaning-to-be punk rock.

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