Once more with meaning

It’s the year of giving relevant, thoughtful, beautiful books.

Have you got the hippest library on your block? Does that special somebody need a hardbound or paperback boost to intensify his or her own collection? Well, we’ve got a few starting points — a dust-jacketed budget-buster or two — for that holiday hope chest.

The categories are perennially passionate Metro Times fare: music, films, art, photography, poetry, analysis and introspection. But the specific choices — put together by our usual bunch of writerly suspects — are far from déjà vu. So click these cool titles with that photographic memory of yours and read on, dear reader, read on.

Somewhere in the night
Eddie Muller
The Art of Noir: The Posters and Graphics from the Classic Era of Film Noir

Silent witness
Thomas L. Johnson and Nina J. Roots (Editors)
Camera Man's Journey: Julian Dimock's South

The margins of silence
John Ashbery
Chinese Whispers

David Thompson
The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

Private angst
Kurt Cobain

George Tysh is the arts editor of Metro Times. E-mail [email protected]

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