Nurse that New Year's Eve headache at ZMC Pharmacy in Royal Oak

Dec 31, 2014 at 1:00 am

New Year's Eve has come and gone and chances are you have a headache. Maybe it's from partying, maybe it's from the mall, maybe it's just from celebration overload. Respite has come, however — the holidays are over, but how are you going to get rid of that headache? ZMC Pharmacy in Royal Oak has all the typical remedies. They have tissues, and pain relievers, and cough syrup. They have soothing tea, and balm for those winter wind-chapped lips. But, what if your headache came from not getting a single thing you wanted for Christmas? Well, ZMC has you covered there, too. Aside from typical pharmaceutical offerings, they also carry a host of fun things. Candles from Linnea's Lights, various adorable knick-knacks, gold bracelets that say "TWERK," accessories from BAGGU, and a collection of faux taxidermy animal heads are all part of their stock. Of course they also have typical toys for kids, stuff for pets, shampoo, and cards. Oh, and they can fill your prescription here, too.