Now Casting: "Citizen Kwame: the Rise & Fall of the Hip Hop Mayor"

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Here's a little thought experiment.

Thanks to Governor Granholm's tax incentives to ramp up movie production in Michigan, it's only a matter of time before someone decides to shoot a film about the rise and fall of Detroit Mayor Kwame Malik Kilpatrick.

This story has everything a filmmaker could ever want!

A family political dynasty. Youthful inspiration & drive. "Sex, lies & text messages". Dogged reporters getting inside information to bring down a political leader. National and international headlines about the indiscretions of the Kilpatrick administration along side rumors of parties, dirty dealing and dead strippers.

With talk about a Coleman Young biopic, it seems only natural that Kilpatrick's story is ready for the big screen.

So, here's the challenge. You are the studio head -- think Tom Cruise in "Tropic Thunder" but not as sweaty and hairy.

You have unlimited money and power to get this picture made with anybody you want. So, here's your exercise.

1.) Title this film:

2.) What angle do you take?

For example, would you follow the rise & fall ala "Citizen Kane"?

Would you follow the reporters ala "All the President's Men"?

Or would you take a documentary/man on the street approach?

What is your plot? Where does the film start? Where does it end?

3.) Who should write it, and why?

4.) Who should direct it, and why?

5.) Who would you cast for the princples involved in your version?

Originality is a plus. Included photos, if you can, of your casting choices.

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