Nov. 6-12, 2002

WED • ART Milagros Soothingly spiritual and eternal, the mysteries of the universe are represented at Detroit’s CPOP. The gallery will be displaying a trinity of exhibits as part of their new show, "Milagros." ("Miracles" in Spanish.) Old World masters, contemporary Latin artist, Daniel Martin Diaz and icons from Lithuania comprise this uniquely transcendent offering which encourages exploration into the echoes of our lives. "Milagros" proposes a much-needed reminder that grand purpose surrounds our existence. Experience the metaphysical magnificence at CPOP, 4160 Woodward, Detroit; call 313-833-9901 for further information.

8 FRI • ART Fel 3000 Much of Detroit’s best graffiti art is found in abandoned and potentially dangerous areas of the city. Most pieces created on highway overpasses are quickly removed by the city and the stuff you see in the mainstream is usually light-years behind the stylistic complexities that define the underground scene. Never considered one of the world’s hotspots for graffiti art, Detroit has recently enjoyed some much-deserved national and international attention. One of Detroit’s most-respected veterans, Fel 3000, will open a solo show entitled "unearthed" at La Jive gallery and café, (109 Maple, Wyandotte; call 734-324-2328). Many of the pieces in this exhibition are created on nontraditional media found in, on, and around Detroit’s abandoned buildings. The opening will also serve as an autograph session of sorts. Many of the most talented members of Detroit’s graffiti art scene will be on hand to, if you can recognize ’em, "sign" notebooks, shoes, car doors or whatever else tickles your fancy. The festivities, which will include sets from three local DJs, start at 8 p.m.

8 FRI • MUSIC Stewart Francke CD release A loveable favorite among Detroit’s adult contemporary fans, Stewart Francke is indeed a rock ’n’ roll survivor. Written entirely in the last 12 months, his eighth album, Wheel of Life is an introspective collection of soulful songs. "To me, it’s always soul music — with its own point of view, intent on real connection, free from the ghetto of age, fashion, era whatever." says Francke of his latest creation. Produced by Michael King and Dave Feeny from Tempermill Studios, Wheel of Life will be released independently on Blue Boundary, and can be purchased this weekend at Francke’s CD release performance. At the Ark, 316 S. Main, Ann Arbor; call 734-761-1451 for tickets.

9 SAT • MUSIC The Witches CD release Pop-rock music with avant-garde appeal, songwriter and vocalist Troy Gregory has a brain you’d like to pick. Managing to write yet another installation of remarkable music, the Witches new album, On Parade is a story within a story. Recorded in seven long hot days in the famous Ghetto Recording Studios in downtown Detroit, this opus is literally a labor of love. Complete with distinctive vocals and top-notch musicianship, the Witches’ sound exudes heat. The layering of fuzzed-out instruments, groovy bass lines, horns, a theremin and nymphy back-up vocals create a thick flavor, and the essence is sweat. You’ll leave this CD in the player for days. At Detroit Art Space 101 E. Baltimore, Detroit; call 313-598-4695 for further details.

9-10 • SAT-SUN FUN FOR ALL Autumn Harvest Indian Festival As the days turn colder and Thanksgiving approaches, we cannot help but be reminded of our indigenous father: the American Indian. The Southfield Civic Center brings powwows, medicine men, naming ceremonies and tales of the Great Spirit to the 10th Annual Autumn Harvest Indian Festival. The thump of the drums will delight the audience as they learn about sweat lodge teaching, the sacred eagle, cornhusk dolls, birch bark canoes and the significance of corn to the Indian people. Other highlights will include storytelling and preparation of authentic Native American food. Kids under 12 can make free crafts and Scouts can earn credits toward their Native American and Diversity badges. This is the perfect autumnal activity for families. At the Southfield Civic Center, 26000 Evergreen Road, a half-mile south of I-696; call 248-354-1000 for details.

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