Night and Day

Aug 16, 2006 at 12:00 am

Friday • 18

The Mosaic Youth Theatre's presentation of the award-winning musical Purlie, which is based on the legendary theater and film guy Ossie Davis' play, Purlie Victorious, should be not only entertaining but edifying. Davis was quoted as saying that he wrote the play to "laugh segregation out of existence" with the story of an aspiring preacher who slyly and courageously takes on the white power structure. A salve for a history Americans are too ashamed to admit. Friday-Sunday until Aug. 27, at 601 Antoinette; 313-833-1005 or visit

Friday • 18
Dave Chappelle

The recent airing of "lost episodes" left lovers of Chappelle's Show wanting to find more. And even though it looks like he's done with jumping through hoops for boob tube execs, Dave Chappelle continues to keep his act honed and his wit primed through frequent touring and stand-up stints, including a Detroit stop at the Fox Theatre, 2211 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-471-6611.

Saturday • 19
Pirates of the Detroit River

This year's annual Mixed Boat Cruise for the GLBT community will be on the Detroit riverboat Diamond Queen. The moonlight cruise is a fund-raiser for the Midwest AIDS Prevention Project (MAPP) and this year's theme is "Pirates of the Detroit River." There will be a best pirate costume contest, a live DJ and a cash bar. Tickets are $28 and can be purchased at Just for Us (211 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-547-5878), Club Innuendo (744 Savannah, Detroit; 313-891-5798) and MAPP (429 Livernois St., Ferndale; 248-545-1435.)

Saturday • 19
Mario Batali at the Michigan International Speedway

Most people know him as the lovably chubby Iron Chef whose mastery of Italian cuisine has made him a culinary sensation. But you might not know that the chef and restaurateur recently wrote a guide to the art of outdoor cooking — tailgate cooking, to be specific. Celebrating the release of Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style, Batali will be at the Michigan International Speedway to preside over the America's Ultimate Tailgater contest: Four finalists will have 90 minutes to create his ultimate tailgate party experience, including a three-course meal, over-the-top decorations and all the craziness that makes a NASCAR tailgate unique. At 12626 U.S. Hwy. 12, Brooklyn; 1-800-297-4444.

Sunday • 20
Eargasm Artistic Collective

Let's call it niche-friendly. Here's an open-mic night for all kinds of creative people: it's the Eargasm Artistic Collective, and musicians, spoken word and visual artists — hell, anyone who has something to share — is welcome. Event organizer Ber-Henda Williams says, "You can sing, you can belly dance, you can swallow swords." The night is devised as an open forum for any creative persons hoping to share their works and soak in inspiration from others. At Bert's Marketplace, 2727 Russell St., Detroit; 313-567-2030.

Tuesday • 22
Human Achievement

With age does not necessarily come wisdom. In the new locally made indie movie Human Achievement, a man goes from being a misanthropic blowhard to a societal drop-out in the span of just three years. Tagg (Ryan Carlson) is the sort of guy who regales his friends with far-flung philosophies on everything from the O.J. trial to world politics. Alternately frustrated and engaged, his pals and his mom humor his antics — for the most part. But there's a fine line between being a lovable grump and a mustachioed weirdo who lives day-to-day in a hotel because he thinks rent is some kind of conspiracy. When Tagg crosses that line, a sense of dementia starts to creep into his rants and raves. Written and directed by local filmmaker Dan Jones, Human Achievement is showing one night only at Emagine Novi (44425 W. 12 Mile Rd., Novi; 248-468-2990).

Through Sept. 1
Movies! Film! Cinema!

Local surrealist Maurice Greenia is a collector of all things that sing for the soul, that dance or draw to celebrate what's human. This month, he's installed his cinematic extravaganza for your viewing pleasure — piles of old stills, lobby cards, postage stamps, LP covers for sound tracks, news clippings and "surprises." Some highlights, in his own bewildering yet beautiful words, (excerpted, of course, but with idiosyncrasies intact): "I'm proud of a Spanish (I think) language poster of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre next to a vinyl LP Jacket of the Radio show version (with Bogart) next to an old paperback of the B. Traven novel: with a painting of Bogart on the cover! Radio, foreign release and book tie-ins connect even in the 1940s." Fill you head with Movies! Films! Cinema! at University of Detroit Mercy Library on the McNichols Campus in Detroit; 313-993-1795.

A Prelude to Frail Minds and Flesh

Artist Adam Gabriel Winnie has a thing for digging deep. His latest exhibit is yet another exploration into the heavy themes and variations of the human psyche. Winnie says his latest photo installation "endeavors to disrobe our Napoleon complex and confront our vulnerability of mind and body." It plays out in 46 staged photographs of models in imaginary situations and environments. Bab's Underground Lounge, 213 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor; 734-997-0800. Closing reception is 6-9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14.

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