Night and Day

Wednesday • 12
Faux Fox

There was a sticker on the cover of Faux Fox's 2004 release Black Glove or White Glove that read "Hey CMJ Reporters! Dig Gary Newman and Suicide? Meet Faux Fox. Make out. Have babies." And based on the band's arrogant nose-thumbing and cheeky electroclash swagger, we can only assume Gary Numan's name was spelled wrong on purpose. And furthermore, we take with a grain of salt the band's unironic Soft Cell-meets-Human League offerings and sophomoric-yet-fun electronic sampling. It is what it is, guys. The Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; 313-961-4668. Tyvek to open.

Wednesday-Sunday • 12-16
Wyandotte Street Art Fair

The quaint downriver community of Wyandotte has become tour de force in the "cool new places to live" category. If they don't watch it, the people of this family friendly sleeper town will soon find their neighborhoods jam-packed with hipster boho types. They've got terrific restaurants, fantastic art galleries and a smoking downtown scene. This week, they celebrate with the Wyandotte Street Art Fair. Check it out — there will be 350 artist booths, vendors, music, food, kids' activities and more. On Biddle Avenue in downtown Wyandotte. Visit for info.

Thursday • 13
Curtain Call

Written through improvisation by local actors Anne Faba, Suzan M. Gouine, Christian McDaniel and Samuel Richardson, the Planet Ant's latest comedy, Curtain Call, takes a self-effacing look at the backstage life of actors. The play centers around the mishaps of the fictitious cast of The Friendlys, who, on closing night after a yearlong run, incur some complications. Superstitions are broken, bonds are tested, and secrets are revealed. With emotions running full-bore, will they reach their final curtain call? Opens at 10:30 p.m., Thursday, July 13, at 2357 Caniff, Hamtramck; 313-365-4948. Runs Thursday-Saturday until July 29.

Friday • 14

At a time when pop music allows such no-talent hacks as Paris Hilton or the Pussy Cat Dolls to jimmy the airwaves, musicians like India.Arie are to be cherished. She writes soulful songs about introspection and hope and, get this — she can play an instrument. Who knew? Heighten your expectations at Chene Park, Atwater and Chene, Detroit; 313-393-7128.

Friday & Saturday • 14 & 15
Handsome Family and Six Organs of Admittance

It's two straight nights of memorable shows at the Magic Stick this week. On Friday, you've got Handsome Family — a husband and wife team as beautiful and serene as they are scary and rock 'n' roll gothic — who've cornered the market on creepy alt-country modernity. (Kirk Curtwood of the Meat Puppets supports.) On Saturday, there's Six Organs of Admittance, a dude whose less-is-more take on psychedelia makes one wonder why contemporary music ever needed more than four tracks? (Detroit's own Slumber Party opens.) At 4120 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-833-9700.

Saturday & Sunday • 15 & 16
Historic Baseball

A great deal has changed since base ball's (yes, it used to be spelled with two words) inception, and stories of the game's true beginnings are varied. But one thing's for certain — America's social history is rife with Big Show lore. And what better way to get a taste of the way things used to be than at Greenfield Village's Historic Base Ball tournament in Dearborn — old-school uniforms, old-school rules. Games begin at 1:30 p.m. at 20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn; 313-271-1620.

Monday • 17

God knows children's music can be brutal on the parents. And though experts insist they're a terrific influence on burgeoning minds — let's face it — the Wiggles and Raffi either a) make most grown-ups turn their heads in embarrassment or b) give them a serious case of the creeps. That's why the Putumayo Kids Presents CD series is such a godsend. Replete with fun songs and cultural information, recordings like French Playground, African Playground, Caribbean Playground and Reggae Playground are great for the kids, not to mention easy on Mom and Pop's soul. This week, the music group Asheba will perform selections from the Putumayo's Caribbean and reggae albums at 3 p.m. at Borders, 34300 Woodward Ave., Birmingham; 248-203-0005.

Market for the Masses

There are a few versions of these craft show and flea market haps going on around town, but Market for the Masses is perfect for the Saturday morning stroller. Every Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the back patio at Xhedo's Café will be filled with vendors selling all kinds of kitschy wares and vintage goodies. Get your caffeine fix, some brunch and a bunch of crap you don't need — admit it, that's not a terrible way to spend your day off. At 240 W. Nine Mile Rd., Ferndale; 248-399-3946.

Rémi Esordi

It's well-trodden territory, but Detroit photographer Rémi Esordi has taken on the abandoned Michigan Central Train Station as his latest subject. Esordi says, "My intent is not to spotlight the decadence of the Michigan Central Station or to halt or advance any movement to restore its early magnificence, but to honor its current beauty and magnificence right now." Through July 31, at Mystic Grounds Art Gallery at Renaissance Unity, 11200 E. Eleven Mile Rd., Warren; 586-353-2300.

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