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Friday • 30
Dave Chappelle

In the ’70s, Richard Pryor jolted the comedy world with his unapologetically brutal sense of humor. These days, Dave Chappelle wears the rabble-rouser hat. And even after signing a $50-million Comedy Central contract and proceeding to freak out before delivering a single show, Chappelle is still everyone’s favorite envelope-pusher. The outspoken funnyman takes to the stage at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center, 799 N. Hewitt St., Ypsilanti. Call Ticketmaster at 248-645-6666.

Friday • 30

Last Friday’s premiere of Dreammaker at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor was a success — so much so that the theater plans to screen it for a full week’s run. The film was produced in Los Angeles but proudly touts Michigan roots with director Christina Morales Hemenway and executive producers Roger Newton and Matt Turner. The movie is a comedic take on the Hollywood film industry as told through the eyes of a screenwriter. 7 p.m., Sept. 30-Oct. 6, at the Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor; 734-668-8480.

Saturday • 1
Bird Walking Tours

Look up! It’s time to enjoy the view. Bird expert Rosann Kovalcik of Wild Birds Unlimited leads this fall’s bird walks on the grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe. Since the house is situated directly in the migratory main drag, visitors will be able to search for more than 170 different species. It’s also a great opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the crisp autumn air. At 1100 Lake Shore Dr., Grosse Pointe; 313-884-4222. 8 a.m. daily; $6 per person.

Saturday • 1
Tango Flamenco

Can’t you just see the sweaty bods as they slither to the sounds of pounding Argentinean music? No, that’s not a passage from a Harlequin romance novel, it’s Tango Flamenco — a spicy blend of Latin song and dance. Tango Flamenco fuses the flittering elegance of Spanish flamenco, the polished style of classical dance and the passion of Argentinean tango to make a spectacular evening of music, dance and romance. 8 p.m. at Music Hall, 350 Madison Ave., Detroit; 313-963-7622. Tickets are $25-$35.

Saturday • 1
Workshop: How to Cut College Costs

Despite concerted efforts to prepare for the high cost of college, many parents still find themselves short on funds. Authors Gen and Kelly Tanabe have written several books on how to get into college and how to pay for it without going broke, including Sallie Mae’s Guide to Paying for College: A Practical Guide and Accepted! 50 Successful College Admission Essays. If you are a high school senior or the parent of one, join the Tanabes for a workshop and book signing at 1 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 2800 S. Rochester Rd., Rochester Hills; 248-853-9855.

Tuesday • 4
Joe Giardullo

Brooklyn-born creative jazzman Joe Giardullo cut his teeth on R&B and tenor sax in the 1960s, but over the years he found his way to the soprano saxophone. His latest album, No Work Today, is a glimmering tribute to one of Giardullo’s heroes, the late soprano saxophone master Steve Lacy. All About Jazz magazine says the record “pays homage to something similar to the open door that Monk provided for Lacy; namely a view to the other side.” 8 p.m. at Canterbury House, 721 E. Huron, Ann Arbor; 734-665-0606. $5-$10 sliding scale.

Cristin Richard

Cristin Richard’s new body of work — a collection of clothes and lingerie made from hog casings — is one of the most eerily beautiful and thought-provoking exhibits you can see this fall. As Richard puts it, this series “is about natural roles of the female body that are inescapable. Women deal with certain physiological factors that will always surface. There are many things that cannot be masked even by building a tough outer layer of skin.” His creations, along with works from Mary Rousseaux, are showing at the District Arts Gallery, 955 S. Eton, Birmingham; 248-258-9300. Ends Oct. 15.

New Works by Tim Burke and his Pack of Scavengers

Local sculptor Tim Burke’s found-art aesthetic has rubbed off on his colleagues. Burke’s show at the River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte includes pieces from photographer Justin J. Harris and painter Tim Casey, also known as Burke’s “pack of scavengers.” Harris’ photos were taken during several scavenging adventures inside and outside of deteriorating Detroit landmarks, while Casey’s paintings were born from the same inspiration. Ends Oct. 31 at 3024 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte; 734-246-9880.

Detroit Art Riot

Conceived by local artists and curator Harlan Lovestone, Detroit Art Riot is a visual homage to 20th century artists who have created events and spectacles in reaction to shifts in the social climate. The idea is to bring together more than 20 of the area’s most talented artists and performers for an open dialogue about the goings-on of the world around us. Exhibiting artists include Phaedra Robinson, Clinton Snider and Jessica Dawson. Special performers include Saturday, Oct. 1: the American Scientists, Odie Rynell Cash, Phaedra Robinson and Colin Zykowski; Saturday, Oct. 8: Siddhartha and Superiorbelly; Saturday, Oct. 15: Eugene Clark, Thor and Ziam. 4731 W. Grand River Ave., Detroit; 313-894-4731.

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