Night and Day

Nov 27, 2002 at 12:00 am
27 WED • MUSIC Ben Cyllus With the voice of an angel and the Flemish gorgeousnes of a Rubens, Ben Cyllus is making his mark as a singer/songwriter. His thoughtfully sung songs recall the days when Jeff Buckley first graced the scene, only to surprise and remind us of the cathartic value of a modern ballad. From call-and-response vocals to rich acoustic guitar, the masculine sweetness of his voice is a respite from the heaviness of rock, while the poetic lyricism of his words is a treat. He will be opening for the Wallflowers at St. Andrew’s Hall (431 E. Congress, Detroit). Call 313-961-MELT for info.

29 FRI • ART Sex Workers Art Show The Sex Workers Art Show is a conglomerate of rowdy, thought-provoking feminist strippers, porn stars, dominatrixes, and prostitutes, waxing poetic about the sex industry via a multimedia performance extravaganza. Originally conceived in Olympia, Wash., the show is now touring the nation, and includes traditional artwork, live music, spoken-word and performance art — all created by women who have worked in the sex industry. Artists and performers include performer Annie Oakley; porn star-turned-blues singer Candye Kane; prostitutes’ rights activist, Scarlot Harlot; and Chicago dominatrix Carmen Li. Admit it … you always wondered. At the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward, Detroit). Call 313-833-9700 for further information.


29 FRI • THEATER "Master Harold"…and the boys South African playwright Athol Fugard’s soul-wrenching drama about a conflicted young man is a timeless look into the heart. Examining the external forces that can overwhelm our natural inclination to live in peace, "Master Harold"…and the boys (cq) has been ringing true to audiences since it’s U.S. opening in 1982. Rooted in 1950s South Africa among brick walls of contradictions, this story of compassion and oppression surfaces the most basic conflicts of human nature vs. politics and offers a vulnerable look at the implications of apartheid. Planet Ant Theater (2357 Caniff, Hamtramck) is proud to present this play on November 29; it will run through December 22. Call 313-365-4948 for tickets.

30 SAT • MUSIC The Ruiners They are loud, they are raucous and the lead singer’s butt is hanging out. Detroit’s Ruiners are a gang of four that has managed to piss off practically every music-venue owner in town. Proudly shaking a tail feather in his barely-there G-string, front man Rick Ruiner has a heavy metal voice and a silky-soft taste in undergarments. From flaming guitars to delinquent destruction of vacuum cleaners, the Ruiners have done a fine job of earning their name. Having perfected the mishmash of absurd meets "dirty rock" ethos, these crazy boys always play to an excited audience and from fists to smiling faces, the desire to throw stuffed animals hasn’t been so strong since preschool. Viva extreme rock! You will be perplexed, you will be entertained — and you may just be nailed in the throat by a stuffed pig. Check out the Ruiners while dodging the pandemonium. At the Lager House, 1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit; call 313-961-4668 for information.


3 WED • MUSIC De Organizer In the late 1930’s, at a time when labor organizers were masterfully changing America, two important characters of the Harlem Renaissance, jazz pianist James P. Johnson and poet/novelist Langston Hughes, collaborated to create a one-act opera called De Organizer. This unique blues opera about sharecroppers was performed only once, at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 1940, and then mysteriously disappeared. Many years later, after a long search, University of Michigan professor of music James Dapogny discovered a partial score and has since reconstructed the masterpiece. "It has been my method and goal to be faithful to Johnson’s work." he says. "Wherever there was an indication of what Johnson would have done, that is the approach that I used." This incredible chance to experience the rebirth of a piece of American history will grace the Opera House (1526 Broadway, Detroit) on December 3 and the Ann Arbor Power Center (121 Fletcher Street, Ann Arbor) on December 11. Call the Detroit Opera House at 313-961-3500 or the Ann Arbor Power Center at 734-763-3333 for tickets.