N&D Center

Feb 11, 2004 at 12:00 am

11-14 WED-SAT • FILM 10th Annual International Festival of Experimental Film and Video Art — The world of avant-garde filmmaking is not nearly as esoteric as it used to be. With technology’s gargantuan leaps in availability and utility, what was once a pipe dream for the armchair film lover is now a trip to the local Best Buy away — moviemaking isn’t just for film students anymore. And now, the Annual International Festival of Experimental and Video Art will celebrate these aspiring celluloid and digital auteurs with a presentation of more than 90 original works from around the world. In addition to juried films, audiences can expect to see retrospectives and special screenings. (They will also be able to participate in discussion groups after the show.) This event is co-presented by Artcite Inc. and House of Toast Film and Video Collective. At the Capitol Theatre and Arts Centre (121 University Ave. W., Windsor). Visit www.houseoftoast.ca/mediacity/festival.html for schedule of films. Call 519-977-6564 for further information.


11-14 WED-SAT • THEATER The Spirit of Harriet Tubman — At the tender age of 15, Harriet Tubman tried to assist her first runaway slave. Sadly, her attempt was unsuccessful and the reprimand she received ended up putting her in a coma — but somehow, she persevered. It would be 14 more years before Tubman would use the Underground Railroad to escape the oppression of slavery — but once she was free, her dedication to relieving the plight of the enslaved would flourish. Risking capture 19 times, Tubman (aka the Moses of her people) braved the terrifying treks of the Underground Railroad to help at least 300 more slaves to freedom. Hear her triumphant story in the one-woman play The Spirit of Harriet Tubman by Leslie McCurdy at Towsley Auditorium (4800 Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor). Call 734-763-8587 for more information. See Page 64 for more Black History Month events.


13-16 FRI-MON • ISSUES & LEARNING Seventh Annual Great Backyard Bird Count — Calling all future Audubons … here’s something for you! Developed and managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as a way to monitor the health of North America’s birds, this fun backyard event is great for the entire family. Participants need only keep a log of the birds they see on any or all days and then report their sightings to a BirdSource database at www.birdsource.org/gbbc. So get out your copies of A Field Guide to Birds and dust off those magnifying glasses, because “bird is the word.” Call 607-254-BIRD if you need more information.


15 SUN • MUSIC The Narrator — It’s interesting to observe the ashes of Chicago’s post-rock scene, to wait for something to emerge from the smoldering mess of long-tired Albini-isms and aging underground leftovers. If we’re lucky, the next generation of bands from across the lake will follow The Narrator’s good form by carefully sifting through the rubble and selecting the most interesting elements of Chicago’s once-glorious underground. This quartet mashes post-rock’s atmospherics and punk’s volume and dynamics. At the Belmont (10215 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck) with Heads will Roll and Dan Johnson (of Judah Johnson). Call 313-871-1966 for further information.


13 FRI • MUSIC Larry Coryell — Miles Davis may have been the star in the invention of jazz rock, but a whole constellation of musicians were buzzing with complementary ideas in the mid-’60s to early-’70s. Guitarist Larry Coryell was notably among them. The guy who titled a seminal track “Call to the Higher Consciousness,” keeps chasing the same muse, and paying tribute to her from a broad palette of influences, from bop to country. With him for his first area appearance in years are seasoned Detroit-area bassist Kurt Krahnke and Paul Wertico, known for his work with Pat Metheny and a myriad of others, not to mention his work on Coryell’s 2003 Power Trio disc. At the Firefly Club (207 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor). Call 734-763-9090.