Michigan is home to a huge lavender labyrinth

Sep 15, 2016 at 5:39 pm
No, you haven't mistakingly munched on some magical mushrooms and currently staring at a trippy floral venn diagram that will transport you into the future (although strangely I wish I was) — you're staring at a mother fuckin' lavender labyrinth that sits on the hills of Lake Michigan in a town called Shelby, and it truly looks magical. 

Cherry Point Farm and Market has been in operation under the same family since 1961, and a few years ago the current owners decided to create a labyrinth.

What's a labyrinth you ask? It is a David Bowie movie, and it's also what you see above: A giant garden with an intricate design that is always not the easiest to find your way out of. It's also a fantastic place to take a book and relax the day away.

If you're ever on the west side of the state, a special trip to the lavender labyrinth is a must.