Metaphysical Jones

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Metaphysical Jones - Photo / Metaphysical Jones
Photo / Metaphysical Jones
Metaphysical Jones
Every Thursday, this band of merry neo-noodlers transforms the quaint confines of 313.JAC into a bouncy psychedelic playground of sight and sound for Detroit¹s jazz-funk-groove-rock set. The overall effect is fun – light-hearted melody transforming into mysterious space-outs, then fast-paced guitar solos building up to a sonic blast of everything coming back together again. I think these guys might have heard of the Grateful Dead. The formula has been warmed over a million times, but Metaphysical Jones manages to squeeze out some ingenuity here and there, especially during the "jams" when speckled lights swirl, lasers dance, percussion teases and guitars echo stadium-style. And when the band steps into its rootsy bluegrass-inspired overalls, the energy level is undeniable.

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