Meet your friendly neighborhood Satanists

Name: Daniel DeVill

Age: 27

Occupation: Lead singer of rock/metal band The Living Dead

Location: Toledo, Ohio

My first time with Satan: How did Daniel become involved in Satanism? "It wasn’t rock music, it was growing up in a Christian community." ( Daniel first read The Satanic Bible at age 12. When his parents — both Christian ministers — discovered the book, they burned it along with everything he owned.)

On the smorgasbord of Satanists: There are so many different sects and beliefs, just like Christianity. There are so many different kinds of Satanists, every one of them is going to have a different view on it.

Has Satan sold out? I do see it becoming way more watered down and way more commercialized on both ends. But it’s a good thing, because I can walk around and not be burned at the stake.


Name: Luthien

Age: 30

Occupation: Future police officer

Location: Wayne County suburb

My first time with Satan: I got into it in my late teens, early 20s. I’ve read all types of religious books and The Satanic Bible was the only one that appealed to me. I’ve never really believed in gods or a God. It’s hard to believe in something that you can’t see.

Finding like minds: It’s not something I go about and advertise. You don’t go around saying ‘Hey, so you like the devil?’ It’s not a common social topic

What’s up with the priest outfit? It represents the hypocrisy of the Christian church."


Name: Gale Anthony

Age: 54

Occupation: Internet seller/Librarian for Mike Grace’s Reformed Church of Satan. Gale was a Baptist Sunday School teacher for nine years before she began exploring Satanism.

Location: Southwestern Missouri

My first time with Satan: I left my religion and my husband in 1991. When I went to God for help, there wasn’t anyone there. I was pretty down on life, and I had a spiritual epiphany: Satan spoke to me.

On recognizing Satan as a deity: In real life everyone, including deities, has a combination of good and evil. Nothing is all good. Everything has a dark and a light side.

Women in Satanism: Many of the big groups are run by women: Diane Vera runs, and Lillee Allee runs the First Church of Satan.

Satanism today: I think there’s still quite a bit of knee-jerk reaction, but there are a lot more intelligent people out there to help explain Satanism.

Requested no photo be published because: Some freaky people out there might want to hurt you.

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