McG hearts the Mitten.

May 21, 2009 at 9:58 am
A few hundred eager area moviegoers were treated to a nice bonus on Monday night, when an advance screening of Terminator Salvation turned into a meet and greet with the film's director, the man know as McG. Kalamazoo born and bred Joseph McGinty Nichol has made a splash in Hollywood with his glossy, hyper kinetic music video take on the Charlie's Angels flicks, and now he's traded Drew Barrymore for killer robots. The director was full of smiles and homeboy love for his fellow Michiganders, as he fired up the already juiced crowd, hyping the pic and hurling t-shirts into the cheap seats. He even hinted that our pleasant penninsula might host the next man vs. machine slugfest, saying: "Maybe we'll bring the sequel here and you guys can come hang out with Bale". Dude's got a point, if you need a post apocalyptic wasteland; look no further.

After the credits rolled McG was mobbed in the lobby by throngs of appreciative fans, thier ears still ringing from the the movies nonstop dolby explosions, and thier heads filled with the promise of more star sightings in the near future, as the state continues to transform into a 21st century filmaking hub.