Made in Detroit 'Batman V Superman' trailer leaks

Apr 17, 2015 at 9:25 am
[Update 11:02 p.m., Friday April 17: The official trailer has now been released.]

The trailer for the new Batman V Superman was supposed to premiere at IMAX theaters on Monday, April 20 — delighting nerdy stoners everywhere, we're sure (present company included). As seems to be the norm these days, though, the trailer leaked in advance of its release, and a Portuguese-subtitled bootleg began circulating the Internet on Thursday night. 

The film was shot in and around Detroit last summer (former MT staffer Brett Callwood tried to scope out the set, but got bounced). While the skyline shots clearly aren't Detroit, Michigan Central Station makes a brief cameo. The film's Detroit-area IMAX showtimes have sold out, but you can watch the trailer below.