Made in Detroit

After nearly three decades behind a counter slinging snarky opinions and cult video rentals, the Thomas Video crew have shattered the space-time continuum by producing a movie themselves (Brainwater Enterprises). Directed by Ryan Meade, produced by and starring wiseacre store owner Jim Olenski and his rock 'n' roll and business life partner Gary Reichel, and shot on location at the duo's snazzy new Royal Oak location, the flick is chockablock with the sarcastic sting and punk rock 'tude that the place made it's name on. Also featuring comic-book shop raconteur Chris Brown, the movie is a balls-to-the-wall comedy about disgruntled employees battling disgruntled customers, dodging the boss' rage and hazing the new guy. That is until someone accidentally returns what looks like a snuff film, and all hell breaks loose.  

Olenski has grand plans for the film, but he'll start with special screenings at the Landmark Main Art at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10. The cast and crew will be on hand to shake babies, kiss hands and answer the questions of their adoring public. A major bonus: near-legendary punks Cynecide (featuring Olenski and Reichel) will rock a short set to get the night started right.

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