Looped culture

As ‘99 rolls into ‘00, there’s a lot of madness going on out there. This madness is perhaps best summed up by that 8-track copy of the Floyd’s Wish You Were Here (in quad, natch) that went for $227.50 on the innocuously lower-case eBay.

Of course I’m talking about that monumental moment when the locally produced, world-famous fanzine 8­Track Mind calls it a day with its next issue, due sometime next year. While lamenting the infiltration of market forces in the alternative to the alternative to the alternative tracker subculture, Issue #99, also, per usual, celebrates some of the correspondents and innovators in the tracker scene.

For instance, there’s an informative interview with a man who was part of the original design team which developed 8-Track at Lear (yes, that Lear). Editor Russ Forster also reveals his big plans to include a video with that fateful final issue, #100.

It’s sure to be one last bittersweet programming break in his zine’s infinite loop musings, which, though 8-track-specific, have always been about much larger cultural issues and philosophical investigations.

Meanwhile, send $3 for #99 to Russ Forster, 23145 Melrose, East Detroit, 48021-1779. (Even his address is obsolete.)

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