Location, location, location

Readers answer places they've done the nasty where it's leagal and where it ain't

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Location, location, location 


What's the best metro Detroit locale where you can legally have sex?


Hotel room at the top of the MGM hotel. 

—rocket55, 42, 9 partners, straight 


The Book Cadillac, if you can swing it. The De Lido Motel near the fairgrounds if you've got $12, half an hour and a bit of luck. 

—Theo Salvadore, 28, 200+ partners, straight


Greek Town Casino Hotel just make sure you get a room with a view it's awesome to be in the middle of the city so high up and peaceful ... or not so peaceful. 

—The Old Dude, 57, 10+ partners, straight


My shower stall. 

—Eliza, 33, partners: "N/A," straight


I like sex at home. It's free, and I know where the lube is. 

—Jose Queervo, 31, 45 partners, gay


And the best metro Detroit locale where it ain't legal to have sex but you did anyway?


Her place. Husbands scare me. ROFL ... not really. 

—Chuwie, 43, 200+ partners, straight


Changing room at a department store. Sex in back of hearse. The roof of my work. 

—Ex-oh, 23, 5 partners, straight 


Projection booth of a movie while on the clock. 

—Terence, 28, 3 partners, straight  


Belle Isle playing some Marvin Gaye. 

Blunt, 34, 6 partners, straight


Belle Isle Conservatory, the Russell Industrial Center, and an alley in Eastern Market (I used to live there ... it was an ex-girlfriend ... you know.) 

—Detroit Dyke, 25, 28 partners, gay 




Funeral home. ... It was smooth. 

—Gypsychick, 40, straight 


Middle of my high school baseball field, it was brief but pretty great! 

—Ex-oh, 23, 5 partners, straight


Soccer field. As good as having sex on wet dirt and grass can go. 

—Anonymous, 25, 22 partners, straight 


In a car in a church parking lot. ...  There was always the fear of some late-night choir practice happening.

—Scubadizaster, 22, 13 partners, straight 


Storage room at a bar on New Year's Eve. It went well until the manager walked in on us. 

I'm sure there's video surveillance footage of it out there somewhere.  Judge for yourselves. 

—Somewhat Damaged, 37, 8 partners, straight


On the dance floor during a slow dance. It was her idea, and she wore an outfit to pull it off. The hardest part was putting it in and taking it out without being seen. Because you couldn't do the normal push 'n' pull it was real intense; she had to not want to buck 'n' hump. 

—Future "Dirty Ole Man," 53, partners: "varies," straight


At the drive-in. It went great. Didn't get caught. 

—GTFO, 30, 6 partners, straight

Not many people can say this, but I had sex in Iraq. I was deployed there some years back and met a hot little foreign soldier. 

We went at it like rabbits throughout my entire deployment. Thank God we never got caught! 

—Victoria's Top Secret, 32, 50 partners, bi


I did penetrate my ex in a public pool once when no one was watching. Well, actually, her drunk friend was there, but I don't think she noticed. 

—Zine, 39, 11 partners, straight 


Graveyard, wild raining, slightly full moon, near a grave, and it was real kinky, nasty. Fully. 

—Azry69, 47, partners: "no comment," straight


In the middle of a side street, not too far from the intersection of 18 Mile and Mound roads. It was the middle of the night, and it was way too hot in 

the car that we were in. Even though it was a side street, the tension was way high that we would get caught, which only added to the thrill. 

—Kurth, 47, 30+ partners, bi


Halfway into the trunk of my ex's car. The backseat just happened to fold down, and he thought it would allow us more room. 

It didn't. It was awkward. 

—Vicious Orchid, 24, 24 partners, straight


In a closet full of art. 

—Mistress of the White Castle, 35, straight


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