Local Filmmakers Take Note...

Hollywood editor Richard Chew will be speaking next Thursday night at the Detroit Film Theater about the magic of film editing.

How big is he? We he co-edited a small arthouse flick called Star Wars a few years back. Maybe you've heard of it? For the small percentage of you who managed to catch the movie before it came and went, you might have noticed how the then modestly budgeted sci-fi flick is a masterpiece of kinetic editing, building an amazing amount of excitement for small plastic models of spaceships blowing each other up.

Chew also edited such little known movies as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Conversation, Risky Business, My Favorite Year and Shanghai Noon.

Believe me, I'd be there if I didn't have to be somewhere else.

Maybe you're luckier.

Tickets are a mere $12 and include a screening of Michael Roemer’s 1964 Nothing But a Man, a film Chew says was highly influential on his work.

More info here.

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