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An oh-so-alluring Alice is brought to life once more this weekend at the Russell Industrial Center by the terrifically twisted minds of Theatre Bizzare for the burlesque-d re-telling of Lewis Carroll's classic psyche-fable Alice in Wonderland.

Note: Theatre Bizarre has nothing to do with the Russell Bazaar --- one is a warped d.i.y. production company you wish a part of, the other is a ghetto flea market that serves up greasy pizza, questionable hair cuts, cell phone holsters and air-brushed oversized Mickey Mouse T-shirts. I heard they're selling dildos now, too ...

Dubbed Wonderland, along for the trip are the puff-passing caterpillar, the unreliable rabbit, the mad hatter and all other usual suspects. The show opened last weekend --- check out some pics on --- and from what I've heard, it was an equally psychedelic and sexy show; the kind that lives on as legend for months after the curtain's called to close.

With Electric Lions laying down the sounds, Roxi Dlite and the rest of the wild and weird cast cast providing the sights (not to mention the incredible craftsmanship of Theatre Bizarre's John Dunivant and Ken Poirer), and Director Casey Miller bringing his skill and passion to the table, this truly wondrous affair, which throws break dancing, belly dancing and rock 'n' roll in the blender of burlesque, should top your "not to miss list" this weekend.

Wonderland, April 9 & 10 @ 9 p.m.; Russell Industrial Center

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