Kinks and more kinks

Feb 8, 2006 at 12:00 am

More popular than yaoi, hentai (Japanese for “perverted”) is a catch-all term for comic books or animation about weird kinky sex, sometimes involving alien demons with tentacles. While yaoi is exclusively male-on-male, hentai can feature anything from male/female to female/female to female/tentacle beast.

Thankfully, animated porn has one main advantage over the live version: Some things are impossible in real life.

In hentai, women are portrayed fucking things that are physically impossible, in every sense of the word: tentacles, enormous cocks dripping putrid yellow come, giant robots. Literally, whatever the mind can imagine, a girl in a schoolgirl uniform can fuck and suck. Want to see tentacle rape? Watch Hideki Takayama’s classic Legend of the Overfiend. Golden showers, enemas and scat more your style? Try the boarding-school epic Shusaku. Cross-dressing pedophiliac BDSM? Check out Depraved Family.

Like yaoi, nonconsensual sex is a steady theme. At some point, almost every hentai features a young, shy schoolgirl getting pounded by a variety of things while protesting inefficiently. Or just looking really embarrassed. But that’s part of hentai’s appeal: once again, it’s pure fantasy. Everyone has fantasies they’ve no desire to act out, or even watch — seeing an actual woman simultaneously deep throat and fuck a monster alien tentacle beast would be disturbing, nauseating, actually. But in animated format, well, it’s kind of hot.

Nancy Kaffer is a freelance writer for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected]