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What's the best guide, manual, primer, tips book, website, magazine, etc. for advice on getting it on?

Feb 8, 2012 at 12:00 am

What's the best guide, manual, primer, tips book, website, magazine, etc.  for advice on getting it on? 


Seductivedomination.com. Aahhhhh. ... There's a plethora of delicious T&D techniques and wicked treasures guaranteed to make your li'l pet beg you for release. 

—Gypsychick, 40, straight 


Watching old Ron Jeremy, the guy had skills. True artist. 

—Anonymous, 25, 44 partners, straight


The Guide to Getting It On is great, funny and informative. I won't write a book, I'm too busy working on the photos. :D 

—Kitty, 43, 145 partners, straight


The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide For All of Us by Felice Newman. It's the lesbian bible. 

—Lezgo, 23, 1 partner, gay <check>


Kama Sutra, 1001 Ways to Please a Woman, Real Sex (HBO), The Sex Bible 

—Azry69, 47, partners: "no comment," straight 


Friends always supply the best advice. 

—Anonymous, 30, 15 partners, straight


The Internet is everyone's best book. There is nothing better than spending three hours reading about the same topic just to end up with mixed information, then realizing that you are your own person and therefore will do whatever the fuck you want. Your partner should be your best advice book. They know what they like.

—Janis, 21, 7 partners, straight 


My dad had a stack of Oui magazines from the '70s that described, in detail, virtually everything that was known at the time about sex. Those were a treasure trove. Minus the unnecessary '70s body hair, of course. 

—Somewhat Damaged, 37, 8 partners, straight


For me it was Cinemax — or Skin-emax — in the early '90s. Spent a lot of time watching cable TV when Mom went to sleep. 

—Mr Holland's Opus, 36, "8ish" partners, straight


My dad's porno flicks from the 1970s. Best sex education ever! 

—Victoria's Top Secret, 32, 50+ partners, bi


I refer to Cosmo occasionally. It's a good read for tips and ideas. 

—Artemis A, 24, 7 partners, straight 


The Ethical Slut 

—Pseudoscience, 37, partners: "none of your business," bi


The Bible correctly described all the dos and don'ts of sex, and I don't feel there needs to be an addendum. —Mary Margaret, 22, 5 partners, straight


Men's Health and Askmen.com are my playbooks. They aren't overly ignorant and offer some actual good advice now and again. Mainly, though, it is all instinct and should always come from the heart. 

—Brave Little Lion Man, 33, "10?" partners, straight