In honor of his birthday, let's watch Andy Warhol eat a hamburger

Aug 6, 2015 at 3:18 pm
(SPOILER ALERT) In the following clip, Andy Warhol eats a Whopper, and then looks at the camera and says, "My name is Andy Warhol, and I just finished eating a hamburger." It's an excerpt from Danish poet and filmmaker Jørgen Leth's film 66 Scenes From America.
Warhol himself made many films, of course, some of them collaborations with Paul Morrissey. But in honor of the fact that the art great, who died in 1987, was born 87 years ago today, let's have a look at him doing something he clearly liked to do, in a clear and straightforward way. 

Tonight before bed, I'm going to read his 1975 book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. No burgers for me though; yesterday I had a couple cheeseburgers from Brayz because they're a buck apiece on Wednesdays, as I'm sure you already know.