If only I knew …

What do you know now about lust and sex that you wish you’d known before?

If only I knew ...

What do you know now about lust and sex that you wish you'd known before?

How easy it is to get caught up in a person and escape reality for a few days, weeks. 

—Lezgo, 23, 1 partner, gay

That the objects of my lust and sex are often evil. 

—Ron Turgid, 30+, 50 partners, straight

Lust doesn't last for either party, and love only lasts for one of the people involved. 

—Happily In Love Temporarily, 34, 73 partners, straight

Sex should not be important under the age of let's say ... 21. 

—Anonymous, 30, 15 partners, straight 

Don't marry a man just because he has great sex with you. Make sure he is rich, also fun. 

—Fun 50, 50, partners: "not relevant," straight

Snatch one with money like the hookers do. 

—Ribalda, 67, partners: "lol," straight 

I wish I could tell my teenaged self that he shouldn't try so hard or worry about scoring. There's plenty of time, and bad hook-ups are just part of the learning curve. But keep reading those '70s manuals and memorize the location of the clitoris! 

—Somewhat Damaged, 37, 8 partners, straight

Being sexually aware, active and well, good, gives you so much power — in your social life, in your confidence, and in your own happiness. But you have to really want it. If you're not sure, or if you find yourself shying away from it, you're probably not in your ideal position in life. 

—Nice Rack, 26, 2 partners, straight

That love isn't required. Great sex can be purely recreational. 

—Kitty, 43, 145 partners, straight

One-night stands are fun — but it's funner now to wait awhile before having sex. I'm aiming for two months. I consider it two months of foreplay so that when we do it for the first time — it's going to be an explosion! 

—Victoria's Top Secret, 32, 50+ partners, bi

Don't be afraid of rejection. The worst that happens is that they say no. But try telling that to 21-year old me. I had a raging case of low self-esteem. —Jose Cuervo, 31, 45 partners, gay

I am still clueless and still horny as hell at 37 years of age. 

—Mr. Holland's Opus, 37, 8ish partners, straight 

I wish I knew in college that women aren't really into douche bags who frost their tips and pretend to be sensitive. Also, I wish I would've known that becoming good friends with girls you'd really like to date is the opposite of a good idea. 

—Bill Pooch, 30, 3 partners, straight

That some guys can be hot having sex as much as women. I'm bisexual now ... but only just recently realized it. 

—Kurth, 47, 30+ partners, bi

I wish that when I was a teenager I would have understood that you can just have sex to have sex, instead of trying to fall in love with everyone. Hot lusty sex without the hassle of the relationship really would have been the way to go. 

—Billyonair, 40, 120 partners, straight

That you may not climax every time, and things don't always go as planned. 

—Hot Butter, 34, 6 partners, straight

Foreplay make it last longer than wham-bam-thank-you, ma'am. 

—CatsEye, 30, 60 partners, straight

Sex memories are the best memories we as human beings keep (even above our more noble efforts) — have more.

 —Mistress of the White Castle, 35, straight

That Sybian fucking machines existed. I would have been saving up. 

—LipstickLesbian, 34, 25ish partners, gay

Is it safe?

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