How to have the best New Year's Eve yet

Dec 24, 2014 at 1:00 am

We here at MT take our New Year's Eves seriously. And that means we've been through enough of them to know that without proper preparation, NYE can totally blow.

Through trial and error we've discovered some simple tips that have made our New Year's Eves much better — we wish someone had shared this list with us years ago, so we're sharing them with you now! Go forth, and have a beautiful New Year!

Leave the drama llama at home.New Year's Eve is not the night to cry. It's not the night to argue, to hate, to lament, to get all depressed. Leave that baggage at home. Hell, it's a new year. Let all that shit go. Make a resolution to drop it all if you have to, and take action by getting support and help in making the change of perspective.

Wear good shoes and dress appropriately. We remember one New Year's Eve when it was minus 14 outside, and young women were out and about in skimpy dresses, spiked high heels sans stockings, and light jackets on — no hats or scarves or mitten. All we could think was "Ouch!" No matter how hot you think you look, there is nothing sexy about frost bite and hospitalization. Don't drink to stay warm — dress warm. You can still look hot without letting the cool get to you.

Take a vitamin before hitting the town. Alcohol robs your body of vitamins, especially those precious Bs. A vitamin will help you keep them, and your energy levels, up.

Drink plenty of water all night long. This can mean following each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Your head will thank you in the morning.

Eat. Like, eat before you go out, and munch while you are drinking. It'll help keep you coherent and help you pace yourself as the night goes on.

Make sure you have a designated driver. 'Nuf said.

Call a taxi at least an hour before you actually want to leave (if you do not have a designated driver). Nothing sucks more than vying for the same taxi in the wee hours of the new year. Call that taxi or Uber early, and get ready to jump in when it arrives!

Stay in. Who says you have to go out? Stay in, watch a movie, light some candles, share a bottle of bubbly with yourself or someone close to you. It's these quiet moments that can be the most memorable.

Wake up early on New Year's Day. Really, starting the new year early, sober, with a clear head and conscience and high energy can be amazing and change your perspective on the holiday entirely — and give you a fresh outlook for a new year.

Start a new tradition. Hitting NYE sober and waking up early might seem like a new tradition — but a new tradition could also be trying a new champagne, eating a traditional food from another culture (oysters? grapes?), or going someplace special that you don't normally go to in January — a beach, an island, or a lake are all abundant, easy options and are sure to be much quieter on New Year's Day than in July.