Horoscopes (Sept. 6-12)

ARIES (March 21- April 20):

Too much of the past has come to bear on the present, and your pride can't take any more reminders of what didn't go right. For the longest time you've felt a need to start all over again. With not enough support and too many debts, you haven't been able to budge until now. As much as it pains you to have to do this, you not only see that it's what's best for everyone, you're totally clear that you've got nothing to lose. When it comes time to change, trust that you will have plenty of support and that others will benefit as much from your decision as you do.

TAURUS (April 21 -May 20):

This feels like a déjà-vu of an experience that brought you to the same kind of climax in a previous life. The sense that you've been here before is being tweaked by the fact that you might be right! Whatever's going on, don't underestimate its importance and do everything in your power to be there for it. That will mean different things to each of you. For some, the need to stay sharp and heed the signs will be enough. For others, there is bound to be difficulty through people who misrepresent themselves and make it seem as if they are just what the doctor ordered.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):

You're getting better at being OK with a situation that is really hard to figure out. Something clicked and you realized that you don't need to do anything but what you've done all along. Others will stick around, or they won't, depending on what kind of agenda they're running. You have nothing to lose by continuing to be straight with people. The more you are able to come from that place, the sooner you will weed out anyone who isn't here for all the right reasons. Stay cool. You've got nothing to lose by playing the part of the one who, for once, isn't willing to give in.

CANCER (June 21-July 20):

You haven't been this happy in a long time. And what you're seeing is that your happiness has less to do with people, places, and things than it does with how you feel inside. Looking back on your past there's been way too much trying to fit in to what you think is expected, or what you think someone like you should be doing. The changes of the last few years have shown you that most of that stuff is bull----! So now, here you are, filled with a sense of inner peace that will serve to attract only what is good into a life that has seen its fair share of pain and heartache.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 20):

You aren't as sure about your situation as you were a few months ago. All of a sudden there are doubts about whether your best laid plans are going to work out. It's always hard to admit that we might have missed the boat — and even harder to admit that we invested everything into something that didn't pan out. You've got your hands full. In the midst of not knowing what's going to happen, you are being called to "perform" and/or work harder than usual. Keep your attitude positive and be sharp enough to make room only for that which supports your sense of self.

VIRGo (Aug. 21-Sept. 20):

You have to find a way to balance this situation before it gets totally out of control. Knowing when enough is enough will get you off the hook. Final decisions that relate to what to do next have already been made. It would be great if you could clue everyone else in as to what the plan is going to be. Some of your recent choices have led you so far down the bunny trail, no one is sure whether you know what you're doing. It's OK to go full bore, but this time, you've got to get real about who you are and look at what it will take to re-enter your life and live it with a whole heart.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 20):

You can't help but notice that nothing has changed. The idea that "wherever you go, there you are" is beginning to eclipse the newness of whatever you did to change the scenery. It all looks good enough to eat. The problem is you and your stuff, and whatever it is that undermines your dreams and desires. Don't take this to mean that you're any more messed up than the rest of us. What seems to be at issue is the conflict that arises whenever we have to look at what we're doing and choose to implement real change, or shut our eyes and keep rearranging the furniture.

SCORPIO (Oct. 21-Nov. 20):

You have multiple options. It doesn't matter which one you choose because they carry an equal amount of opportunity. Don't rush into decisions. Within a week or two the dynamics in your situation will change and you will be looking at a different set of variables. If others try to pressure you to go one way or another, ask them to give you a reason why. It looks to me like a few of your associates keep stacking the deck in their favor. Their machinations could lure you into thinking that you need their support when in fact they have more to gain from this than you.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 20):

You've already figured out that this is going to require a lot of sensitivity and compassion. Part of you is ready to be there for people, and another part of you wishes they could figure out how to get over themselves. For now, you're going to have to put out a little extra effort, or fake it till you make it in situations where others could very well be playing you for a sucker. You don't want to be overly skeptical about their motives, but you've been burned and exploited enough times to deserve to be doubtful in this situation. Be loving and kind, but don't get taken for a ride.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20):

You aren't in a position to rush in to things. It's fine to see the writing on the wall, but between the logistics and your emotions, you can't be pressured or pushed. The way things have changed, it's hard for you to know if you're reading the signs correctly or if you've lost your mind. Others may not know what to make of you, and that is part of the problem because what you think they need or expect complicates your ability to be truthful with yourself. God knows who made it so hard to be honest in this dimension, but before you can go forward you need to tell it like it is.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 20):

It's hard to settle down when you and your life are looking more like a work in progress. This is no time to have anyone's expectations but your own be what you have to answer to. Any question that has to do with breaking new ground, or rebirthing your true and total self comes with the answer; "Yes." Other issues are being directly impacted by your resurrection. Your concerns about work will diminish the minute you start giving yourself whatever it takes to be whole and complete enough to begin to understand that it's safe to open up and let out all the stops.

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20):

You have mixed feelings that are getting easy to dismiss in the face of what you don't want to see or hear. This ambivalence came about when someone decided to go their own way or when you caught on to forms of deception that made you wonder who you were really dealing with. At the moment you're OK with not paying attention to the signs. If at any point you find the strength to get real about this, you will have no choice but to rearrange your perspective and your priorities. Don't postpone this. The longer you put it off, the more complicated things will get.

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