Horoscopes (November 11 - 17)

ARIES (March 21 – April 20): When life gets like this, it's hard to know where you're going to pull it from. The only thing one can do is remember that whatever happens, it's all coming from you. The idea that you have to be totally on top of things is less important than your ability to grok the fact that being in control is always an inside job. For sure, it helps to tie your camel — but when you're shopping for a miracle the bigger piece can't weave itself into being without a little help from the ascended masters. Keep it real and stay focused on remaining true to the best part of whatever got you this far.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20): You can't do anything about what people who don't know any better keep doing to confuse you. You see it all; you see everything. And from this position, it's so hard to bridge the gap between what you thought was going on, and what you're looking at now. You can't change any of it. What you CAN do is stop fooling yourself with the idea that what got totally messed up is going to wind up looking any better than it does now. See if you can drill through the wall that makes everything be about money and call on the piece of your heart that can make it happen on a dime.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20):The next time you decide to go into alignment with anyone, it will help you to reflect back on what just happened. It does no good to hook up with all the wrong people. Your money issues make it so easy to get sucked in. By the time you read this whatever the issue is will be magnified by the fact that no one nipped it in the bud. Getting better at catching yourself before things go too far, and being able to tell the truth, even when it hurts, would help you so much. Don't put too much faith in what others try to sell you. Your own truth is the one that will save the day.

CANCER (June 21 – July 20): You don't know what's going on, but who cares? If you are finally able to let go of the fear that it's all going to fly south if you don't pull it together, something incredible will come out of this. Stop trying to make things look the way you think they ought to be. You keep so many great possibilities at bay when your expectations choke the life out of them. Yes, I understand how important it is for you to have it all figured out. At the point where you're just about to turn into a supernova, it won't work to keep the bigger part of you tied to the notion that you can't afford to go there.

LEO (July 21 – August 20): Have you ever wondered why things always seem to be more complicated with you? Is it because you wind up taking care of everything and everyone? Who made it your job to parent the universe? And who's taking care of you? Half your issues would go poof if you could just step back and let someone else handle it. In your current situation your web of obligations has you looking like a visiting nurse, running back and forth from one crisis to another. I know you can handle it, but what I wonder is, what would you be doing if you weren't doing this?

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): I wish I knew what to say to you. On the other side of any breakthrough, there is a release that changes everything. You guys have been putting your best effort into things that will continue to work, as long as you don't get too hung up on the fact that whatever's been going on, is about to turn around in surprising ways. The people, places, and things that you have met in your travels are sourcing blessings and possibilities that weren't there, two weeks ago. As you consider offers to do this and that, don't let yourself be blocked by thoughts that stymie your higher guidance.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 20): Patience and time heal pretty much everything. In the middle of stuff that you wish would take you out of the woods a little bit quicker, you've had it up to here with time and patience. There are circumstances that sometimes require us to stew, or process our shit, longer than usual. The idea that things refuse to heal, or come together the way you want them to is a big part of your current lesson. To resist "what is" only increases its power over you. Good luck surrendering to things that are by no means easy and keep shining a light on what it took for them to rip you up.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 20): Huge changes have put you in a position to stop and smell the roses; either that or you're getting weird about the fact that you have nothing going on. No matter how it looks, or what form things take, it's like you're waiting at the airport, for a plane, or something, to move you on to the next thing. As you wonder how it's going to work, a parade of people with all kinds of ideas and possibilities are showing up to test your powers of discernment. You've got enough smarts to know who's here to help and who's here for the beer. Don't lose the ability to tell the difference.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 20): Going too far too fast, or not far enough and missing the lesson — these themes are strong. The karma police are all over you right now. If you're wondering why you of all people are having a hard time, it goes all the way back to the beginning. In a perfect world it would be easy to plumb those depths but, you aren't in the mood, or you've shoved it so far into the background, it's too much too dredge it up. Nothing is ever too much. And right now, the idea that all of what you wish you could erase is what keeps you stuck, might be enough to inspire you to reckon with it.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 20): Parental issues are all over the story that's playing out in what you're facing now. Whoever's out there is standing in for Mom and Dad and it's ringing up so much stuff. Being someone who has a hard time appearing like you haven't got it all figured out, you're struggling with your responses and having a tough time keeping a lid on the shit that has been rolling downhill of late. Pulling yourself together will require you to face the truth about the people you love, and about your own place in the scheme of things. Let your dedication to your work be your salvation.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 20): You have so much to work through. If it's too hard to go there it may have something to do with the fact that a huge part of you thinks it's above all of that. None of us are walking on water. As much as it feels like it's beneath you to talk about stuff, it would be great if you could plow through some of it. On the other side of whatever you wish you didn't have to face, you're looking at a breakthrough that could birth a period of enormous creativity. You have a choice: You can keep it all hidden and close to your chest, or you can let your hair down and open your heart.

PISCES (February 21 – March 20): You're about to go back to square one, or begin moving into a whole new realm of experience. It's hard to say which way the cookie will crumble. If you've overstepped yourself, or given people and things more clout than they really deserve, you're gonna have a tough time getting off your cloud. Getting totally real about who you are and what you want is imperative, no matter which side of the reality zone you happen to be in. If you've been smart enough to face your demons, you know it's time to go home to the place where the real you has room to breathe.

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