Horoscopes (May 6-12)

May 6, 2020 at 1:00 am
Horoscopes (May 6-12)
James Noellert

ARIES | March 21 – April 20: The path is open. If you know what you're after, let it rip, but be mindful of the fact that no one is exempt from whatever our homework involves. If you're older and wiser, chances are you've handled the better part of your karmic dues, but stay vigilant: none of us is out of the woods until we're dead. If you're on the east slope of 60, the Achilles heel comes from thinking that you know everything. If you fall in that category, the possibilities that are ready to bloom will be 86'd by what you have yet to see about yourself. The potential for growth is huge if you stay clear and honest.

TAURUS | April 21 – May 20: You keep running into the same old thing. Most of the time, it's easy to maintain a sense of humor and keep smiling. Lately you've had a tough time processing eons of anger from all the "stuff" that has yet to be dealt with. Your friends keep telling you to let it go, but they are hard pressed to tell you "how." The best you can do is to put one foot in front of the other. Any sense of frustration is justified. Give it a chance to rise to the surface. Underneath it there is a wellspring of goodness that is yours to share. Keep that in mind as you do whatever it takes to release the past.

GEMINI | May 21 – June 20: Lo and behold, there are options that weren't there a few months ago. It looks to me like the door just opened to something that holds the promise of expansion and improvement. You tend to second-guess things when it would work out better to let go and jump right in. It comes down to what do you want for yourself and your loved ones? How much time have you got? The expression "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today" applies to more than just your chores. The brass ring just showed up with bells on. Get in touch with whatever it takes to go for it.

CANCER | June 21 – July 20: As easy as you make everything look, you're under more pressure than the average bear. Holding your own will involve directing your energy into your work. If others know you well enough to give you plenty of space, and you're wise enough to stop the madness every now and then, you will manage to move gracefully through the mill. Things that have been simmering forever are about to reach a boil. The 8-ball has always come up in your favor, but all of us are subject to the Law of Time. Life is a school, this is a test, and the answers have yet to be written.

LEO | July 21 – August 20: Your purpose revolves around piercing the ego's need to be whoever you think you are, and hook up with the spirit of the one who lies within. Until this happens, what the higher self wants will be at odds with what the personality is consumed with. It takes us until we turn 50 to even begin to hold space for our purpose. If you make it through that gauntlet, it is then that life really opens up. You are clear about a lot of stuff, but there's even more to learn. Life is not about how much light shines on you, but the extent to which you are clear and conscious enough to be a channel for it.

VIRGO | August 21 – Sept. 20: You have absolutely no clue where all of this is going to go, but for the first time in forever you're clear that it's safe to take your hands off the wheel. Reflecting back to where it all began, you see that whether it's a project, a job, or a love affair, it has a life of its own. No one could've told you how it would go, but the upshot of the experience has restored your faith in the idea that it's safe to trust in the power of love. The idea that you can make things work better from the heart than you can from the mind is huge right now. Keep the faith and keep up the good work.

LIBRA | Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: If you could let go of needing to reflect back on things, it would be easier to get on with your life. Old stuff, new stuff; whatever it is, it's over with. Aside from that, look around — there's more showing up on the horizon than you've seen in a long time. Some of it comes with a risk, but you know who you are and what you can handle. Don't throw yourself into anything that involves too many people, too much money, and/or a whole lot of hidden agendas. For now, your dreams and your freedom rely on the extent to which you have tied up loose ends and made peace with the past.

SCORPIO | Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: Lots of things are converging all at once. You feel good enough about it to be there for it in a much different way than you've approached this type of thing in the past. If you could look down on your life from a bird's-eye view, you would see this as a period of change where all of the issues and problems from the past finally came to be resolved and understood. As intense as this feels, you need to know that it goes with the territory anytime we begin to touch the heart of the matter. This is one huge test, and it ain't over. So hang tight, my friend. You haven't seen anything yet.

SAGITTARIUS | Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: Sometimes it takes forever to wrap our minds around why things went the way they did. If we're lucky enough to find a way to put it in perspective, it transforms us. Until that happens, the past casts its shadow on everything. You do your best to stay on top of things, but your heart is weighed down by what has yet to be reconciled. Coming to terms with those things is on the menu right now. It's time to unravel that story and let it all go. If you're in touch with whatever your higher self is yearning for, there will be more than a few epiphanies between now and the Solstice.

CAPRICORN | Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: The idea that anything in this life is fair is totally debatable. Keeping things balanced is never what it seems, and what's going on right now has you wishing you could lighten up when it comes to your pictures of perfection — because what isn't working makes absolutely no sense at all. It is totally counterproductive to state your case when nobody in the room wants to hear it. Sometimes all you can do is shut up and keep working — or keep doing the best you can. At rock bottom the message seems to be about acceptance, and learning to consider the uses of adversity.

AQUARIUS | Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: Whatever it takes is what you'll do; that's how it looks at the moment. So much is flying in the face of whatever you thought would happen, you're not sure what your role is anymore. How far you get to go with the things that got set in motion about seven years ago is up for review. If this upcoming reality check goes well, you'll be free and clear. What is at issue at this point has to do with what happens when our best-laid plans fly south. Whatever's going on with you guys, all of it will turn out for the best once you get to the place that knows it doesn't matter which way it flows.

PISCES | Feb. 21 – March 20: You have a huge amount of stuff going on. What it consists of is less important than how you deal with it. The idea that anything is under your control is illusory. If fate and free will are at cross-purposes, what's going on right now indicates that they are about to come together in a moment of Truth upon which everything seems to be riding. It doesn't matter if you have a Global Mission, or if you're sitting in front of the TV, totally unemployed: Life is begging you to pull yourself together, for better or worse, and stand or fall based on what's come to pass up to now.

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