Horoscopes (May 6 - 12)

May 6, 2015 at 1:00 am

ARIES (March 21-April 20): The pace of things is faster than a speeding bullet. Holding your own is less of a problem for you than being able to let go of the idea that you can't handle this. When all of your support systems are on the fritz, you'd be surprised at who and what shows up to keep everything afloat. At the moment, 99 percent of your support is coming from inside of you; make no mistake. The lesson seems to be about seeing that you are as good, and maybe even better off, on your own. Maintaining any sense of stability will require you to stay centered in whatever the moment has to show you.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20): If you think I am ragging on you, it's true; I've been hard on you guys. As the aspects unfold, the need to remain open and clear will require you to drop all your defense mechanisms and come to terms with the fact that you keep rationalizing all of your behavior and calling it something else. What isn't working, and any snarls you are experiencing in your personal or public relations can be blamed on what you have yet to see about yourself. The extent to which things are able to fall into place will show you where your motives lie. It comes down to being honest with yourself.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Watch out for the way things get twisted up, and pay attention to the stuff that has gotten lost in translation. You have so much to keep track of, you are having a tough time staying on top of a situation that gets slipperier by the minute. Any sense that you are safe in this territory comes and goes. And what comes out of the changes that are swirling around you at the moment is bound to turn your head toward a whole new way of being. Is it wise to be counting on anyone? Well, what goes around comes around. If you've been there for others, they will be there for you.

CANCER (June 21-July 20): You can't stay put, and moving forward won't happen until you zero in on a few thing; they will vary from person to person. The general theme seems to be; relax and let life show YOU how it's going to go. Being addicted to the well-planned use of time and energy, the whole concept of going with the flow isn't easy for you. You would feel so much more comfortable if you had more certainty. At a time when there is no such thing, safety lies in doing whatever it takes to let it be. Keep reminding yourself that life is a cooperative effort between you and your higher self.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 20): You keep trying to put your finger on what's going on and it never adds up. To keep reflecting on what got you here won't do you any good until you start being accountable for everything that has gone down. Many of you are already in touch with this. Those of you who are still reluctant to accept the fact that your choices form the foundation for what's in front of you now are about to find out that it's never too late to turn things around. Don't be disheartened. At this point in time, life is ready to give you a second chance to make things right. Don't allow fear to interfere.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 20): You could use a different perspective on your situation. Things have gotten so tied up in the last few months you are up to your eyeballs. At times like this life gives us a chance to ask ourselves what in God's name we are doing? The meaning of things, and any sense of purpose that you have, needs to be reviewed in light of your recent experience. What was way too important a few years back is now hanging like a shadow, in the background. What you want now is open to question. Give it time. You need a wide lens in order to be able to see what's in front of you now.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 20): You are about to get a break from too much nothing. For someone who thrives on the thought that life is just a bed of roses, you've had a little too much "towing the line." For the next few weeks other things are going to matter more than whatever the daily routine has had to offer. If you can pay attention to the small things and give yourself more time to breathe, something is going to open up and show you that all of this bullshit has not been in vain. Others are coming around with a smile on their face, and plans that could both change the scenery, and your life.

SCORPIO (Oct. 21-Nov. 20): People don't know enough to get where you're coming from. It has to be OK for now. There's no way to meet in the middle and no way to please whoever is having a tough time relating to your point of view. By the time you read this you will be too preoccupied with a move, or other form of major change to worry about your approval ratings. Bigger fish are here to fry, or are about to arrive with offers that you would be crazy to refuse. Be prepared for life to get filled up with the kind of stuff that gets you going and lose the need to dote on other people and their problems.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 20): You can handle just about anything. Thank God, because this is one of those times when the truth about that is being put to the test. Caught up in a maelstrom of "stories" and events, what looks like a 21st century soap opera is giving you a chance to step in and save the day. The next few weeks will call up all of your reserves. With so much riding on how things unravel you're not quite sure how to play your cards. It's typical for you to think you need to get super involved in order to make your mark; this time, you would do better to play things close to your chest.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): You keep asking yourself why things have been so incredibly intense. With no letting up, and no idea what it's going to take to turn things around, you will have to figure out how to manage a few things before you can begin to get to the heart of the matter. A strong sense of betrayal could be fueling part of this. There are also themes of being unable to forgive and forget. Within that, the potential for the baby and the bathwater to wind up in the same place is huge. The light at the end of the tunnel is "on". The trick in this situation is to keep reminding yourself it is there.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 20): Too much going on, along with a truckload of subconscious "stuff" is making this period of time a bit weirder than usual. You feel like you're halfway between one dimension and the next trying to figure out how to act the way people like you are supposed to act. The thing is, there's no such thing as normal anymore. As crazy as this sounds, and as crazy as things look you are doing better than you think. For the first time in a long time you are seeing what it took to get you here and you are ready to get out, go for it, and/or finally begin to live your own life.

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20): You keep trying to make things work and it's not panning out the way you expected. To forge ahead or give up is the issue. At this point it may be time to get real and focus on the facts. When things stop working it's usually the universe telling us we're on the wrong track. Don't make the mistake of thinking that anything good can come out of this much resistance. On the other end of the stick, what's really going on is this: It's time to step out of your traces and get on to a whole new track. The road less traveled is the one that is beckoning, and it is safe to follow it now.