Horoscopes (May 20-26)

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James Noellert

ARIES | March 21 – April 20: So much hinges on the need to lose your fixed ideas about what needs to happen next. All of your pictures are based on notions that come from past life experiences of having everything work out like a fairy tale. It's not what you need this time. Notice what happens when you make recognition too important. Needing all of the light to shine on you and wanting to suck up and bask in that warmth is your Achilles' heel. Try to figure out how to let the light flow through you. Everything works out better when you let it pour out and enrich and enlighten other people's lives.

TAURUS | April 21 – May 20: The weight of things leads you to believe that you're going under. This is what happens when we're plowing through the wreckage; we get so overwhelmed, it's easy to forget that the universe is supporting us. Tough decisions that have left you feeling like you should've done things differently were not in error. It takes time for things like this to reveal their true purpose, so ease up — you did the right thing. Lesser beings are bound to rattle your cage. Let their slings and arrow roll off your back and remind yourself that all of this is clearing the path to a better tomorrow.

GEMINI | May 21 – June 20: It's mind-blowing to see how you manage to always come out on top. As the prospect of more intense forms of interference looms on the horizon, you'd do well to stay one step ahead of the game. Chances are you've already sharpened your sword and your wits, and you're well aware of the odds that are stacked against you. Play your cards closer to the vest. Don't broadcast your feelings or fall apart at the seams. It'll take three more months for what's blowing in the wind right now to be replaced by what you conjure up in the meantime. Fortify the inner stuff and keep the light on.

CANCER | June 21 – July 20: The codependent urge is huge with you guys. Having just released yourself from playing that role in one situation, you've gone from the frying pan into the fire. Be aware of the fact that over and over again, the same old thing will show up in different clothing to remind us that we have more work to do. Keep an eye on the dynamics in all of your relationships. The need to please, combined with the belief that whoever you're attached to knows more about things than you do, is your downfall. It's time to stop the madness and get in touch with who you are and what you want.

LEO | July 21 – August 20: You took the whole hog and ran right over the top with something that has gone way out of control. Before the solstice rolls around, you'll have the short run all figured out. But the long run will suffer if you don't back up and put on the brakes. Too much of everything and too many nearsighted choices will find you up a creek if you aren't willing to breathe deep and look at what it's getting you. When things overflow, the Hermetic Axiom would suggest that you're in too far over your head to know how to stem the tide and reverse-engineer some of your recent choices.

VIRGO: August 21 – Sept. 20: People mean well and they appear to have your best interests in mind — but they have no idea who you really are or what you need at this point in your life. It's time to sit them down and say, "Thanks anyway — I've got myself covered." On a certain level, you're on a totally different bandwidth than most people. With this in mind, it's ridiculous to think you can structure your life the way other people do. At the moment, the more you're willing to bust out of the status quo and set a new standard for whatever it means to be you, the better it will go — all the way around.

LIBRA | Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: Instead of milking the past, consider the virtues of moving on to whatever's next. If you had a better sense of your own worth, you'd realize that whoever lied, cheated, and/or sold you out didn't even deserve to talk to you. Now that they're gone, take this as a sign that being immersed in that frequency was holding you up. Which gets me to another thing: You've got amazing opportunities brewing and better things to do. Get with the program. The writing's on the wall. It's time to pour your heart into the seas of change that are about to give birth to a whole new life.

SCORPIO | Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: Don't be misled by the thought that you need to remain affiliated with people and situations that make it seem as if you need them. There are times when it's best to fly solo. If fear is what keeps you joined at the hip, it's for sure that this won't work out. In your shoes I would consider the virtues of independence and work on the faith factor. Try putting your money where your mouth is. With big transits indicating that you'll fall off the pier if you keep moving in the same direction, a sharp right or a sharp left will change the scenery and save you from the brink of disaster.

SAGITTARIUS | Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: The gap between the inner and outer realities measures the extent to which we're separated from ourselves. At the moment, having that covered is your primary concern. Why? Because it's so easy to fly off in opposite directions and tear yourself apart. It doesn't matter how you decide to meet yourself in the middle. In the crosshairs of life, changes that are here to determine how the rest of it goes, getting real, and eliminating every form of pretense is where it's at. A vision quest could be just what the doctor ordered. In lieu of that, enough time alone to gaze at the stars might do the trick.

CAPRICORN | Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: There's a huge amount of change bubbling up from within. Try rewinding back to the beginning of time and reflecting upon what happened before life instructed you to turn yourself inside out. The person who evolved out of that has it all together — on the outside, at least. You're approaching a bend in the road. There's pressure to keep your persona intact; your ego and your security trips seem to depend on this. I'm here to tell you that it's totally OK to step out of those traces and reclaim yourself. It's your choice, but trust me — it does no good to be anything but who you are.

AQUARIUS | Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: You have to figure out how to get around an issue or a person that isn't going to change. To keep beating your head against the wall will drive you nuts until you remember what water can do to a rock. Pressing the issue has compressed this conflict into a stand-off. Lay back and go about your business as if none of this mattered. The truth is, whoever or whatever this is about is providing you with just enough resistance to postpone actions that you could easily come to regret. Don't minimize their role in this. In a few months, you could be eternally grateful to them for holding things up.

PISCES | Feb. 21 – March 20: You want to keep things simple. It's a good idea, but don't make the mistake of thinking that doing everything yourself is the way to go. You're at a point where a little help would be worth whatever it costs you. For many of you, this could translate as, You want to get by without needing to depend on the system or upon others whose support comes with too many strings attached. Don't complicate everything you have on your plate with some misbegotten urge to be a superhero, and don't assume that others are here to take advantage of the fact that you need them.

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