Horoscopes (May 13-19)

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James Noellert

ARIES | March 21 – April 20: It's your attitude that matters more than anything. On the surface, you're pretty sure that you've got that covered. Underneath it all, lapses in confidence, along with memories that carry your own brand of doubt, color everything you're trying to bring about. If you've been wondering why the Law of Attraction has been pulling in more craziness than usual, it's because you have a few things to address. One of them is your fear of failure; another might be your fear of success, or the idea that you don't deserve to have a life that's as big as the one you see in your dreams.

TAURUS | April 21 – May 20: Before you jump into this, get a wide-angle lens and dredge up the foresight to see that, in a few months, it won't look as good as it does now. The impulse to go ahead could very well be arrested by outer restrictions. If that's the way it goes, you need to remember that blocks of any kind are usually there to tell us to wait up. At times, especially when there's a ton of interference, it's a clear sign that you're heading down the wrong road. Pay attention. Life is always showing us what's going on. Keep your eyes focused on what's right in front of your face.

GEMINI | May 21 – June 20: You keep getting feedback that makes you feel kind of shaky about some of your choices. None of it is right or wrong. At this point, all you can do about all of this well-meant advice is to consider the source and file it. Nobody knows more about what's at stake than you do. Sometimes it's wise to pursue your own methods. If the odds suggest that you're on a fool's errand, the odds are about to teach you that there are times when a novel approach is the only way to redeem a situation that has gone too far afield. You can do this. Keep it real and stay true to yourself.

CANCER | June 21 – July 20: Keep an eye on the impulse to over-dramatize everything. Be just as mindful of the ways in which you pretend you've got it all handled. Both M.O.'s are a sign that you feel totally out of control. Back up and take a deep breath A little distance will show you that you have all the power in a situation that, at this point, only requires a few minor adjustments. Those changes need to take place in your work and in your relationship dynamics. Both areas of your life are being tweaked by love and money issues that will improve as soon as you rearrange your priorities.

LEO | July 21 – August 20: It's getting hard to figure out who you need to please. Going back and forth between what people and things expect from you, and what you really need to be doing for yourself, is a huge item right now. What's also in play is the fact that you're finally coming to terms with all the water that has gone under the bridge. If your life has been one long emergency of late, as the dust settles on what you've had to live through, delayed emotional responses will bring up all kinds of stuff. It's high time. Once the truth comes to light, you'll get a clearer sense of where to go from here.

VIRGO | August 21 – Sept. 20: You're at the point where your mind knows exactly what you need to do, but your heart isn't quite there yet. The deeper part of you clings to the past because you're afraid that, if you let it go, everything will fall apart. Giant steps forward won't work at times like this. Halfway between being stuck and knowing you've got nothing left to lose, it'll take a while for both cylinders to start firing. Dive deep enough to unblock some of these fears and give yourself three or four months to regroup and gather the strength to make the changes that are more important than anything right now.

LIBRA | Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: It isn't hard to see how much you care. One would think that it might make a difference, but in the long run, you may have to face the fact that you wasted so much of yourself on something that didn't pan out. This is about finding out what people are made of. Having placed your bets on whoever you've put on this pedestal, in your quieter moments the thought that you gave them way more credit than they deserve sticks in your craw. In the midst of the deepest wish to make all of this take a happy turn, there is a whiff of selfishness in the room that could mess up everything.

SCORPIO | Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: It's never just one thing; there are always at least three issues dancing around the totem pole. Between the repetitive nature of things and the voice in your head that has had enough of this, many of you are ready to snap. Even if you've gotten Zen enough to just chop wood and carry water, you're still feeling slightly blasé. When it's time for a change, no amount of "Well, I really need to stay here and hold space for whoever I think I am" will cut it. As much as you think that safety lies in being a good Girl/Boy Scout, it could very well be time to break up, break out, and/or move on.

SAGITTARIUS | Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: Sideswiped by feelings that have made it hard to be here for any of this, you find yourself overwhelmed. Normally able to maintain your cool no matter what, in your private moments you are lost. There's nothing wrong with the deep end of the pool. The fact that you're here is a sign that you're ready to get to the bottom of "stuff" that can't be ignored any longer. This may turn into one of those "cry me a river" moments, or mark the point where you finally look the demon in the eye. No need to freak out. There are volumes of pure white light beaming in at the end of the tunnel.

CAPRICORN | Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: Now that you're in the middle of this, it looks a lot different than it did from the outside. You'll be lucky if you can figure out how to deal with a situation that got a lot more complicated than you ever thought it would. You're enough of a realist to know what needs to happen, but others don't seem to see it the way you do. Getting around them and their issues will require strategies that test both your integrity and your level of discernment. I hardly ever recommend playing games, but this is one time when you have no choice but to be strategic and do what's expedient.

AQUARIUS | Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: You've been at this for so long you've forgotten why you're here. Try rewinding back to the point where you made the decision to do X, Y, or Z. The last thing you need is to be stuck. This restlessness could be the result of what happens when we stay too long, or get overly identified with who we think we are. Your life needs to look like a vision quest for you to be happy. Don't settle for anything less. If breaking out requires you to revamp your contracts with others, trust the fact that your choices and any changes you decide to make will do you both a world of good.

PISCES | Feb. 21 – March 20: You would do yourself a favor if you could wake up to the idea that you're not the person who was here a year ago. Becoming aware of the fact that you have opened a whole new chapter would be less unsettling if your ego could let go of the need to be whoever you were. Recent epiphanies have shocked your system enough to make you question everything. Stories that underscore the extent to which you had to lose track of yourself in order to find your way will eventually see you picking up the pieces, putting things together, and drawing a new set of boundaries.

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